CFC 10’s Tim Johnson: “I don’t care who you are, I will fight you”

Clarksville, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 10 will take place on Saturday, June 26, 2021, at Appleton Harley-Davidson in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Tim Johnson is a extremely experienced MMA veteran. Recently in his career he has been fighting exclusively with the CFC organization in the Tennessee area. Johnson returns to action this Saturday night June 26th at CFC 10 to take on another veteran Daniel Dennison. CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto Villa had the pleasure to talk with Tim days before his fight. Check out the conversation below.

FBMMA: Tim we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us just days before your fight at CFC 10. How has training been going for this fight?

Tim: It’s good to talk with you again. Man training has been great! I feel like a completely different person this go around!

FBMMA: Your last fight was back in March at CFC 9 where you took on the massive Lavelle Miller who might have outweighed you by as much as 80 pounds. It seemed the fight changed once it went to the ground. Have you been working on your ground game in preparation for your fight June 26th?

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Tim: Man my ground game has took a turn for the better! But I don’t expect to have to use it much.

FBMMA: CFC owner Johnathan Ivey says that you remind him of himself in a lot of ways. He said you’ll fight anybody that they put across the cage from you, he said you’ve never turned down a opponent. This Saturday night you fight MMA veteran Daniel Dennison. What do you know about him and what do you think of his skill set inside the cage?

Tim: Mr. Ivey is correct. I don’t care who you are I will fight you! From what I’ve seen dude likes to throw hands and I’m a big fan of that kind of shit!

FBMMA: You appear to be having a lot more success in the CFC than you were in other organizations. Why do you think you’re having more success now than in the past?

Tim: I’ve evolved from the other promotions. I was fighting the top guys in the state with very little training when I was fighting for other promotional. My entire career has took a turn since I’ve been with the CFC!

FBMMA: Tell us a little bit about a typical training day for you. Do you have a family? How do you balance training, with a family or a job or other things that take your time when a fight is getting close?

Tim: Man it’s really hard! I have 4 kids that have to be taken care of plus work night shift. It’s hard but without my girlfriend I wouldn’t be able to do have the things I do like training. She’s a very big help with everything!

FBMMA: Your fight at CFC 10 against Daniel Dennison is going to end how? Give us a prediction.

Tim: I’m not going to spill the beans to soon! Be in attendance and you can witness it!

FBMMA: There is a past opponent of yours fighting for a title at CFC 10. Jeremiah Hill and you were able to get a first round knockout against him in a past CFC card. How do you see the title fight going between Hill and Saigh Mullins?

Tim: If Hill can use his reach correctly he could finish Saigh in the first round, but with saying that if Saigh gets his hands on Hill and can get a take down it’s probably game over. It’s hard to make a prediction on a fight so close.

FBMMA: Thank you Tim for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you the best of luck this Saturday night.. Do you have anyone you would like to thank or mention before we finish up this interview?

Tim: Thanks to my coaches and every single training partner I’ve had for the last 3 months! Make sure to catch the next event too because I’m going to be bringing some guys from my gym to the sport also. Thanks for having me brother!


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