CFC 7 Fighter Matthew Odom is confident in his abilities in the cage against Ebi Sikpi

MMA Vet Jonathan Ivey is back at it again as he will be hosting Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 7. This event is taking place on October 12th in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We will see a stacked card including 4 CFC title fights.

FightBook MMA had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Matthew Odom who’s a huge lightweight. Odom made his debut in the CFC back on April 20th of this year at CFC 6 winning his fight over Daniel Wheeler with a impressive performance. Odom returns to the CFC cage on October 12th to take on Ebi Sikpi at CFC 7. Check out the conversation we had with Wheeler.

Matthew you are fairly new to the sport of MMA but had a very impressive performance at CFC 6 against Daniel Wheeler, can you walk us through that fight and how you seen it play out through your eyes?
I walked in that cage with a simple game plan but when it started everything was a lot more rushed than I thought it would be. I wanted to keep it standing but when he tried to take me down he stuck his head in the wrong place allowing me to get him in a guillotine which once your in mine there is no getting out.
The CFC was so impressed with you after the April 20th show that you got ranked in the top 5 in the CFC lightweight division. Your next opponent is Ebi Sikpi. Can you tell us what you know about him and how you see the fight going down on October 12th?
I know he is a well-rounded fighter but I also know he’s most confident taking it to the ground. I’m not taking this fight lightly because I know he is a good fighter but I’m confident in my abilities in that cage.
Is there anyone in the CFC lightweight rankings that stands out to you or that has really impressed?
I don’t focus on the rankings. I don’t look at fights down the road. I focus on the fight that’s at hand.
We are about 6 weeks out from your fight October 12th, take us through what a typical training day is like for you getting ready for your fight?
I’m constantly training no matter if it’s MMA or just in the gym. I’m always getting stronger, quicker, and more powerful every day. I plan on being a beast in that cage period.
Anybody you would like to thank or give a shout out to before we close Matthew and best of luck in your fight coming up October 12th?

I would like to give a shout out to my coach and all my training partners because without them I would not be where I am now. I would also like to thank my friends and family that support me on this journey to become the best.


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