Champ Juliana Velasquez not interested in rematch with Denise Kielholtz

UNCASVILLE, Conn. – At Bellator 262, Champ Juliana Velasquez defeats Denise Kielholtz via split decision for the women’s flyweight title. For the complete and official results you can go here.

Bellator 262 took place Friday at Mohegan Sun Arena. The main card aired on Showtime while the prelims on FightBook MMA.

Velasquez is confident in the judges decision against Denise Kielholtz: “In the first round, she was coming strong,” Velasquez told MMA Junkie at a post-fight news conference. “She was able to get close and to hit me but I was circling away. Many of those shots were missing. I saw that it was a close round, but as the fight went on, I was able to find my groove a little bit more. I was able to stop her in her tracks. I think that I was being much more effective starting from the third round. I was very confident when they were going to announce the decision. I think three rounds of that were mine.”

Kielholtz on the other hand, wasn’t happy in the decision and called for a rematch. Velasquez doesn’t see the need for a rematch against Kielholtz. Velasquez told MMA Junkie: “If I was going to rematch someone I think deserved it, it would be Ilima-Lei (Macfarlane). She had many title defenses. After this fight, I’ll just move forward. … I think that the fight that makes sense the most will be fighting Ilima-Lei again or Liz Carmouche. Those are the fight that I would like to (be next).”

Main Card winner fighter quotes:

Juliana Velasquez: 

“I think I would be clinching a bit more, her striking didn’t surprise me, but I felt that I did enough to retain the title.”

“I beat her with my jab, if you look at her face, it’s messed up, if you look at mine, my face is fine. I think people in the audience favor her because she has a kickboxing style and I counter, but I think it was my boxing that was the difference tonight.”

“When I come in here, I don’t think of myself as a champion, I think of myself as someone who needs to earn the belt and tonight I felt that I did that.”

Tyrell Fortune:

“I feel great coming out of the fight. He stepped forward so I went for the shot instead of throwing the punch and I guess I made contact with my head. Besides that I was running through him for the takedown. As you saw, I finished on top, and the fight went from there.

“I didn’t feel it (the clash of heads), I can only go off of what he was saying at the time. Like I said, I was just looking to get on top and continue to fight so I didn’t really know what else to do. I thought if there was a contact that the ref would have saw and we would have stopped that’s why I paused for a second on top of him. I didn’t go right to punching. Once the ref said to continue, I was continuing to fight.

“I want Tim Johnson. I don’t want a title shot. I’d rather have Tim Johnson first. That’s really the only fight I’ve been training for since that loss. To me, with him taking that loss (against Valentin Moldavsky) and me getting this win, it should line us right up… I’m gonna’ try to knock his a– out just like he did me.”

Matheus Mattos:

“He’s a wrestler. So, he could have done the boring game and taken me down. But he chose to go for the striking. Fortunately, he did it because it was a beautiful knockout. If Bellator could send more strikers to me, then they would be welcomed.”

“I feel great, perfectly strong. But I felt my knee go ‘thwack.’ And I stopped moving a lot. I didn’t do much footwork. I knew this was going to be on my hands, because my leg was painful. Hopefully, everything went well. 

“My two losses were to two of the best in the world. So, I’ve been fighting at a high level a long time and I’m prepared for everyone. They can see that this fight welcomed me to Bellator, and now they know me. They know Matheus Mattos is a striker and he’s coming for us.

“I’m in my prime now so I’m prepared for everyone.”

Arlene Blencowe:

“I feel great. I want to give a shout out to my kids at home. I’ve been away from home for nine weeks and it’s the longest I’ve ever been without my kids. So, this win is for you.”

“I was just trying to gauge my distance. It was starting to be a little bit of a slow fight, so sorry about that fans. I could hear you yelling. But I was determined to keep my pace and not rush into anything. We knew that she swung with power and that the overhand right and the left hook came pretty quick. We’ve been working a lot on kicks, and I’m going to have a lot of bruises tomorrow. And hopefully her calves will be sore too.”

Johnny Eblen:

“My coaches when I came back to the corner told me not to brawl. So, I took their advice and I thought I wrestled smart.”

“He was talking s— saying, ‘Hey, let’s brawl in the corner.’ I’m like, ‘Bro, that’s stupid.’ That’s why you’re not where I’m at. Because you don’t fight smart. You’re trying to come out here and brawl. You can do that all you want, but you’re not going to be a world champion like me.”


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