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“The Milkman” showed up looking very sharp, while snapping a brutal 2 MMA loss streak (1 kickboxing) by a vicious KO, of Ben Halder. Chance Cretsinger landed an unexpected head kick to his opponent at ASCENDANCY FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 17, forcing Halder to have a seat, with his back against the cage, eyes open, in the first 2 minutes of round 2. This finish leaves Cretsinger at 2-2 as a pro in MMA, in a bout he desperately needed to, both personally and professionally, keep his dream alive.

Cretsinger’s Pro MMA debut vs Brad Davis went great, ending in 1st round KO. Then…things went terribly wrong his next 2 MMA bouts, leaving him with huge complications both in, and out of the cage either before, during, and/or after. One of those, to a State Champion wrestler in Jake Childers, whom the Milkman dominated the fight whether it was up, or down, until he had Childers hurt, but “blew his wod” trying to finish him overwhelming him with GNP, sure to get the TKO. The bout went downhill from there leaving Cretsinger completely exhausted, with nothing left to defend a 3 round d’arce choke, by the skilled wrestler in Childers. As a result of his exhaustion, Cretsinger collapsed after the bout, and required a IV once in back (fighter area). Cretsingers previous decision loss, prior to AFC 17 was to Eric Thomas in a FIGHT OF THE NIGHT effort, most didn’t realize, (especially the Doctor) that Cretsinger had cut the end of his finger off 6 days previous to the contest, leaving him unable to strike with his right hand the duration of the fight. As soon as the fight started, Cretsinger’s finger failed, bleeding quickly, excessively. Obviously a huge contributing factor for the USA NATIONAL KICKBOXING team member. As a result, Cretsinger suffered massive complications to his hand/arm post fight that left his health in serious danger resulting in multiple serious infections, multiple times, combined with hospitalizations repeatedly for weeks/months afterwards leaving Cretsinger questioning himself, and his MMA career.

Ben Halder:

“Pre fight— I felt really good other then I had to adjust my game plan a little bit. I couldn’t throw really any open stance back kicks beside teeps. I suffered a really bad cut on my shin that’s just now healing up from training camp but ya know it is what it is I wanted this fight. During the fight— I felt really good. I felt Chance started to do some running in the first after he felt some power. At the end of the first with about 20 seconds left I suffered 2 eye pokes to my eyelid it didn’t completely take away my vision but impaired it. I think it made me a little hesitant in the second. Chance was able to expose me in the second and I got caught but I don’t believe I ever get finished like that again. I’ll be back in the gym spending countless hours correcting it and come back stronger for the next one.”


“I really needed that fight man (vs Halder). It’s hard to come back to fighting when things get so fucked up. Like it was a make it or break it fight for me. I felt great. I didn’t have to do a sauna cut. I was feeling really good. I was training everywhere for this fight, VTT, Elite Edge, with my wrestling coach, and my boxing coach. Obviously, I still need to work on weaknesses constantly, to keep improving.”

Cretsinger has global Kickboxing experience from a contest against the World Champion in Budapest, Hungry, also National experience from 2 MMA appearances as 19 & 20 yr old, in Las Vegas at TUFF-N-NUFF, a national tournament which he gain valuable experience/diversity as a result.


“My game plan was to use my jab, leg kicks and move. My team determined the right game plan for this fight, and it worked perfectly.”

FightBook MMA:

“As an inside joke maybe, some speculate what the “ Milkman” means and/or how you came about it, and your #SUPPORTYOURLOCALMILKMAN?”


“I was a pasty white, delivering KO’s while having a smile on my face, early on. Eventually, Rakim D. Cleveland gave me that name, the rest followed.”

FightBook MMA:

“What are your future plans in MMA and life? Any projects your working on, or want to, that you wish to add?”


“Ya, I want to pursue public speaking against bullying. Fighting helped me overcome huge social anxiety as a youngster. Teachers would ask me if I was on drugs, because of my nervous tics, it was so bad. Fighting is what pulled me out of it, and gave me confidence. It really changed me. MMA saved my life.”

The Milkman went on to share he is planning a move to Las Vegas where he will determine whether he will train at Syndicate MMA or Extreme Couture, to get him to the next level in time.

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