Christina Ricker talks kickboxing debut at Valor 51: “A Fight’s a Fight!”

Christina Ricker has established herself as one of the top amateur female MMA fighters in the southeast. At Valor 51 on July 21 in Johnson City, Tenn., LIVE on FloCombat, she tries something a little different with her kickboxing debut.

Before that, she caught up with FightBookMMA.

How has your training camp been for this fight so far?

It’s been really fun. I’ve not done a purely kickboxing match before, so it’s going to be new for me. It’s kind of cool. It’s a lot more focused – I don’t have to worry about takedowns and stuff like that. It’s been really fun to hone in on very particular skills.

What was it that inspired you to take a kickboxing bout?

Just to try something new and stay fresh. We all know there is a smaller pool of talent in womens’ MMA, so fights can be hard to come by. So, I’ll take jujitsu tournaments every now and then to stay active. Like I said, this is a good way to home in on particular parts of the fight. I want to get in the cage and get bloody.

How much different will it be in the cage? Is a fight a fight?

A fight’s a fight. The same objectives apply: to get in the flow of it and execute the mission.

What’s the best possible outcome of this fight?

The best outcome would be me meeting the particular goals I’ve had in training – whether it be my combos, my kicks, my clinch work – I would love to meet those goals. Winning is phenomenal and I’d love to have that under my belt, but I’m more focused on putting on a great show and performing well.

Do you see yourself taking more kickboxing fights after this?

Yeah, if it turns out to be super-fun and I actually enjoy it, I would absolutely take more.

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