Combate Global 2021: USA vs Mexico Results

Miami, FL – Texan Enrique “Baby Bull” Gonzalez (12-4) raised the United States flag by defeating three men to win the eight-man tournament one night United States vs. Mexico.

González defeated all of his opponents by unanimous decision including Jim Alers (14-5) in the quarterfinals, Samuel Álvarez (6-5) in the semifinals and Cristian “Puas” Pérez (8-1) in the final.

Going into the tournament, Perez was a huge favorite having defeated most of his foes by submission in the first round. However, González had a strong level of play from the beginning.

“I feel like the best of both worlds won today,” he said. “I may have been representing the United States, but I was born on the border: Laredo, Texas. I’m Mexican, American, so in a way both countries won.

In the quarterfinals, he faced an experienced fighter in Alers, but González traded blows with the veteran. At one point, both men collided in the pocket where Gonzalez at one point clearly shook Alers.

Alers, who has a solid jiu jitsu game, was denied any potential takedown attempt leaving him on a roll where Gonzalez had the advantage.

In the semifinals, González closed out Álvarez’s takedown attempt.

In the final of the tournament, he faced an undefeated, at the time, Pérez who had a thrilling back-and-forth fight with Patrick Lehane in the semi-finals. Pérez was set to fight Daniel Soto in the quarterfinals, but Alfrego Ruelas stepped in as a substitute. Soto had food poisoning.

Known for his quick submission-style finishes, Gonzalez broke the rising star’s undefeated record.

Throughout the fight, González had full control of the terrain. Perez’s jiu jitsu didn’t exist when Gonzalez slammed the door on his opponent by landing hammer fists and hitting him.

The Chicago-based Valle Flow Striking fighter feels like he hasn’t fought challenging competition yet.

“I just hope to have tougher competition in the future, this was a tough tournament, but I know I can take a lot more than I endured here,” he said.

Also in a women’s fight, Melissa Amayo (2-0) defeated Andrea Amaro (1-2) via rear naked rear choke at four minutes in the first round.

Tournament Results

Quarter finals

Enrique González defeated Jim Alers by unanimous decision.

Patrick Lehane (4-1) defeated Hugo Flores (9-4) by unanimous decision.

Cristian Pérez defeated Alfrego Ruelas (2-2) by TKO in the first round at 2:49.

Samuel Alvarez defeated Jimmy Sandlin by arm lock in the first round at 3:55.


González defeated Álvarez by unanimous decision.

Perez defeated Lehane by unanimous decision.


González defeated Pérez by unanimous decision.


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