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Common Prejudices about Female Fighters

Female fighters are some of the most formidable competitors in the world of combat sports. They are dedicated, tenacious and very driven. This can make them somewhat intimidating to many potential partners. As such, there are plenty of prejudices and stereotypes which make it difficult for these amazing women to find love and romance in this day and age. However, we are here to dispel these myths and prove female fighters are some of the best partners in the world.

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Too Brutal for Love

In today’s world, many people assume that a female fighter is incapable of being sensitive. They are worried about being emasculated by their girl and made to look weak. We can assure you this isn’t the case – no matter how many guys try to tell you otherwise. Many men assume female fighters just do not date for this very reason. However, we recently talked to a couple who met on The girl in this couple is a professional boxer and had been for many years. Her partner confessed that agreeing to go on a first date was the most difficult because he believed that a boxer would have had hardly any luck on the dating scene.

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Male Body

One very common assumption is, if a woman is a boxer or martial artist, she’ll have a manly body and, therefore, be unappealing physically. However, those who know a thing or two about combat sports will tell you that muscle mass is not the key to victory. These women understand technique and stamina are more important than brute strength and intimidating muscles. Also, women’s bodies are inherently different from men anyway – there’s no way they can get as big or bulbous as many of the guys who hit the squat rack at your local gym.

We should also mention that any woman who works out as much as a female fighter will undoubtedly be in the best shape imaginable. You wouldn’t want to date a slob, would you?

Boxing Is Not for Women

Boxing, much like football and pretty much every sport in the world, has a real problem with certain individuals thinking it is an exclusive “men-only” club. However, modern science is here to prove you wrong. While men may have dominated these sports for a long time, scientists have concluded that the female body is more elastic and therefore better suited to things like martial arts and boxing. Also, thanks to superstars like Ronda Rousey, women account for more than 25% of the martial arts marketplace.

With more and more women getting into MMA and boxing, you better get ready to leave your prejudices at the door. These girls are breaking down barriers left, right and centre – which is amazing to see for any sports fans.

Female Fighters Are Unintelligent

There are many prejudices against female fighters, but the one which is the most hurtful (and also the biggest lie of the bunch) is that women who compete in martial arts and boxing are dumb. They are seen as butch girls who only know how to throw a punch. Many people do not understand the brains and knowledge required to succeed in any professional fight. Match tactics and strategy can get very complicated – which is why the best female fighters earn so much money. In short, the most important muscle for any fight is your brain.

It is short-sighted to assume female fighters are not smart. In fact, they are probably more intelligent than many of the people who are lucky to date them.


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