Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Dating a Fighter

Combat sports such as boxing, UFC, pro-wrestling and martial arts are some of the most popular in the world. However, many people sometimes feel intimidated or do not know how to approach somebody who makes their living competing in these tournaments. We are here to help you understand just why dating a fighter is such a wonderful thing

You Will Always Feel Protected

It goes without saying, if your partner is a boxer or professional fighter, they will know how to defend themselves. This extends to their romantic interest as well. Boxers are equipped to diffuse situations, physically if necessary. Essentially, if you ever have any trouble, your partner will have no issue ensuring you are safe and protected. Of course, violence outside the ring is always a last resort. But even the knowledge your partner knows how to defend themselves (and yourself) should make you feel safer when you’re out and about. After all, nobody wants to mess with a professional fighter.

Confidence that Is Transmitted to You

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If somebody has practiced martial arts for a long time, they tend to be very confident in themselves. This is only natural. Confidence comes from working hard at a particular task, skill or hobby; then seeing the benefits of all your effort. Martial artists and other fighters train their bodies for years and obviously will feel very comfortable in their own physical abilities. Confidence is an attractive trait in an individual, but it can also translate to you as well. Self-belief is contagious. If you are around a confident person all the time, the chances are you’ll start to see things you like in yourself as well. In fact, specialists at state that the sense of self-confidence of a partner always has a positive effect on an individual. 

They Are Absolutely Different When They’re Alone with You

Some fighters get lumped in with the unfair stereotype that they’re nothing more than a meathead who likes to beat people up and run their mouths. UFC fighters like Conor McGregor are known for not knowing when to shut up and having a big ego.  Sometimes this is just for show, to psyche an opponent out before the fight. Most of the time, fighters are totally different. Martial arts is very much focused on breathing and control rather than explosive power or ferocity, which means you should expect a level-headed and considerate date – particularly when it is just the two of you

You Will Definitely Work-Out More

A good fitness regime is contagious – especially if your partner is strict about their own. It’s well-known that exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel happier. When you see your partner full of confidence and energy after a work-out session, it usually gives you the kick up the backside you need to get in shape yourself. Having somebody around who knows what they’re talking about in the gym is a great way to get athletic and experience all the benefits working out has to offer.

There’s Nothing like Being Proud of Your Partner

Some people may not like combat sports. However, there is a certain sense of exhilaration when it comes to the seeing your partner compete in a fight. The sense of pride when they win – or just for how much effort they’ve put into training – is enough to bring any couple closer together.

Have we convinced you to give a fighter a try yet? These are just a few of the reasons why somebody would choose to date a boxer or martial artist. Take it from us; there are few relationships more secure than those with somebody who enjoys combat sports on a regular basis. See for yourself!


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