Conor McGregor In Custody, Surrenders Himself to New York Police Following Bus Attack

Conor McGregor has turned himself in to New York Police and is in custody following the events that took place earlier today (April 5th, 2018). First reported by NBC.

McGregor, Artem Lobov and over a dozen others entered the Barclays Center, using TheMacLife’s credentials to get in, where they then attacked a bus filled with athletes set to compete this weekend at UFC 223. Now, much has changed due to the incident.

Artem Lobov vs. Alex Caceres, Michael Chiesa vs. Anthony Pettis, and Ray Borg vs. Brandon Moreno have all been removed from the fight card as a result of today’s unfortunate event.

Lobov was quickly removed due to his involvement in the attack, while Cheisa and Borg have both suffered injured due to broken glass, forcing them out of their fights.

No punishment has been set, but this will be a long battle for McGregor and his entourage moving forward.

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(photo by: Shutterstock)

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