Sam Alvey’s Weighs in on Conor McGregor’s Bus Attack Incident, UFC 223 Spit on by a “Coward of a Man”

Following the events that took place earlier today (April 5th, 2018) at the Barclays Center revolving around Conor McGregor, Artem Lobov and their “thugs”, Sam Alvey had something to say:

“I will likely never do it but i love it when fighters run their mouths and make bank. Cheal (Sonnen), (Michael) Bisping, and Conor (McGregor) are the perfect examples of making an ass out of themselves but also being willing to back it up. It hurts nobody and can bring more eyes to the TV. What Conor did today was a cowardly act done by thugs. It hurt our sports integrity and more than that it spit on the hard work of not only some Athletes but the staff of the UFC. Countless hours spent preparing for the biggest pay per view of the year spit on by a coward of a man, Conor. What should be done… I’m not sure.

Whatever laws were broken he needs to be punished for. Whatever bills were accrued he needs to pay for. Whatever wages were lost he needs to cover. So honestly that’s not much of a punishment for the multi-millionaire. If you want to punish Conor, his legacy must be damaged. Make him fight Khabib. He will lose and his chicken heart will be put on display for everyone to see.”

Conor McGregor has since been taken into custody, turning himself in to New York Police. Coverage on the Bus Attack and Arrest can be viewed by clicking on the highlights.

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(photo by: Miguel Tovar-USA TODAY Sports)

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