Daniel Wheeler ready for war against Jaysen Baker at CFC 9

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 9: The Return will take place on Saturday, March 6, 2021, at Middle Tennessee Expo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

One of the fights on the card will be Daniel Wheeler taking on Jaysen Baker. Wheeler is an experienced MMA veteran. He won his last fight in the CFC. Now he is getting a shot against a ranked fighter for the first time in the CFC when he takes on #4 ranked lightweight Jaysen Baker on March 6th.

Daniel sat down with Roberto Villa CEO of FightBook MMA to talk about his upcoming fight and his thoughts on his opponent.

Roberto: Daniel thanks for talking with us just weeks before your fight at CFC 9. How has training been going in preparation for your fight on March 6th?

Daniel: It’s going pretty well. I have been preparing for this one a lot more than I did the others.

Roberto: Your last fight in the CFC was against Alex Pardo and you came out on top. Can you walk us through that fight and how you saw the fight play out through your eyes?

Daniel: He had one fight before me and I watched that several times and noticed he was scared to get hit and loved throwing that leg kick to keep the distance. He also went to the ground several times in his first fight and kept going for a triangle. So I knew that if I could close that distance I’d make him uncomfortable. Then I practiced the triangle defense a lot in preparation. We went to the ground I blocked it and just kept pounding his face.

Roberto: On March 6th you’re taking on Jaysen Baker who is currently ranked #4 in the CFC lightweight division. He did start his career at featherweight. Do you think you will be physically the bigger fighter and have you watched many of Jaysen’s fights? If so what is your opinion of him as a fighter?

Daniel: I know Jaysen he is actually a good guy. Yes, I have seen him fight. I was cage side when he fought Jose. But I have seen all of them. I’ve been doing my homework. He is tough he is strong and he has a really good ground game. It’s going to be fun in there with him. But nothing but respect for that man.

Roberto: Jaysen Baker has fought a teammate of yours in Isaac Morris. Baker submitted Morris during that fight. Are you wanting to get some revenge for your gym by beating Baker on March 6th?

Daniel: I’m stepping in with a much better Jaysen Baker. His fight with Isaac was a few years ago and both are completely different fighters now than they were before when they fought. Not out for revenge just out for a win.

Roberto: In your opinion will Baker be the best fighter you have faced in your career? And if the best isn’t Baker who would you say the best was?

Daniel: I don’t know he’s a good fighter a really good one but Joel Harkey my second fight is undefeated he was strong. His standup I’d say is better than Jaysens but Jaysen is the better on the ground. So I don’t know it’s kind of a toss-up.

Roberto: Tell us how your fight goes at CFC 9. How do you see the fight going?

Daniel: I’m going to walk into CFC 9 a completely different fighter. It’s going to be a good fight. I’m definitely hoping to look victorious!!!

Roberto: You’re a part of the CFC lightweight division. March 6th there will be a CFC lightweight title fight between the champion Jaime Vasquez and the #3 ranked contender Adonis Bonilla. How do you see that fight going? What’s your prediction?

Daniel: Jamie and Adonis are both great people and very good fighters. I believe Adonis will keep Jaime on his feet and end up coming out with the win. Everyone is going to see a completely different AD come March 6th. Adonis for the victory.

Roberto: Daniel thank you for talking with us! Are there any loved ones or training partners that you would like to thank before we go?

Daniel: I would like to thank my mother first and foremost. She hasn’t missed a fight, she has always supported me and stood behind me in every way possible. A big shout out to my coach Lance Boyd, my training partners, friends’ family, and Alexander Schenk who’s been helping me with everything in preparation for this fight.


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