Darren Till Releases Statement After Loss at UFC London


Darren Till has finally spoken of his loss to Jorge Masvidal at UFC London last weekend.

Talking on his Instagram account Darren stated:

“Last Saturday was a tough night against a strong opponent, @gamebredfighter 
Fight game is a tough one.
Few things need refocusing now, feel like I lost me self the past year & haven’t been fully focused to my craft!
I’ve had a week in this amazing place Canada to revitalise with my thoughts!
I’ll be back a different animal, @teamkaobonis still the best coach & person in this world & we will dominate for years to come.
Can not wait to be back at the gym Monday evolving and focusing like never before. I owe it to myself!
Peace motherfuckers
@gymshark F LIFe 🦍”

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What now For Darren? Does he move up in weight or stick around and make a new run at title ??



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