Date and Venue Picked for Justin Bieber to Make Lingerie Fighting Championships Debut

Las Vegas, NV: Earlier this month Jenn ‘The Real Deal’ Repp challenged Justin Bieber to a fight at LFC28 in Las Vegas. She says she did so in response to Bieber challenging her favorite movie star Tom Cruise. Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc. (“LFC”) (OTC Pink:BOTY) agreed to host the fight and reached out to Bieber’s camp.

“There were some scheduling issues,” CEO Shaun Donnelly says, “as Jenn is very busy preparing for the LFC Films / 20th Century Fox mini-series Gladiatrix.”

Ultimately it was decided the contest would happen July 4th on the roof of the Seamless Adult Ultra Lounge with a great view of the Las Vegas Strip and the fireworks afterwards.

In preparation for the fight LFC has taken the historic step of adding Bieber to its fighter roster. He is the first man to ever be bestowed this honor.

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While Bieber hasn’t 100% confirmed yet, Repp is confident his code of ‘if someone challenges you to a fight on the internet you have to accept or everyone will know you’re scared’ will compel him to parachute into the cage, fireworks mercifully drowning out his terrible choice of entrance song.

“LFC makes a lot of sense for Bieber,” Donnelly says. “We don’t have weight divisions so he won’t have to cut weight to fight Repp the way he’d have to in the UFC. And Repp is a fellow Canadian so she might take it a bit easy on him. Canadians are really nice, you know?”

In case Bieber is a no show, LFC has plenty of other bouts planned including Lauren ‘The Animal’ Fogle of Philadelphia taking on Jessie ‘El Toro’ Santos of El Paso while the main event will be a title fight between Shay ‘The Fox’ Mazzato (15-6) of Anaheim taking on Monica ‘Flowerbomb’ Garcia (15-4) of Monterrey, Mexico in a re-match of their LFC23 title fight that saw Garcia seize the LFC Championship.

Repp is hopeful Bieber will answer the bell. “If he doesn’t take the fight everyone will know he’s scared and he’ll never live it down.”


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