Jeniffer Gonçalves won the first women’s fight of Muay Thai with MMA gloves in the Brazilian Midwest

A show of audacity, technique and courage, so the fans of the martial arts in Goiânia, Brazil, still in the event, defined the combat between the athletes Jennifer Gonçalves and Andressa “Tratorzinho”, who debuted inside the organization NP FIGHT, the format of fights of Muay Thai with MMA gloves in the Midwest. The fight was the great novelty of the card of the tenth edition of the event that happened last Saturday (June 15) in Goiânia.

The fighters accepted the challenge, and inside the cage, equipped with the gloves four ounces, they made a combat worthy of two warriors. Where both, they did not avoid the exchange, which made the blows leave marks of combat. After five rounds, of bravery, was in the hands of the judges decided the clash. Jennifer Gonçalves won a split decision.

Excited by the victory, Jeniffer thanked her, and recognized the weight of the adversary, making a point of highlighting the specific training she did for the fight.

“I trained hard, because I knew the level of my opponent, I was sure it was going to be a fight like that, I’m happy with the result of the work done by my team. We trained focused and determined for this adaptation, “said within the cage, the first female athlete to win in the state of Goiás a Muay Thai fight with MMA gloves.

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“The public’s reaction before and during the fight was the best feedback for this idea. It was all there: the art of the sport, the individual technique of each athlete, the surpassing of a new equipment and the show in the performance. Exactly forming this set was our intention, “said Fernando Rodriguez, creator of NP FIGHT.



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Photo Credit: Conexão Combate / Hélio Fernandes



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