Diego Sanchez confirms he has cut ties with coach, manager Joshua Fabia

Mandatory Credit: Mike Roach – Zuffa LLC

Former UFC lightweight title challenger and The Ultimate Fighter 1 middleweight tournament victor, Diego Sanchez has confirmed he has ended his professional relationship with his highly-criticized head coach and manager, Joshua Fabia.

Sanchez, who was granted his release from the UFC after a sixteen-year stint last month, is expected to make an official statement next week in regards to his decision to cut ties with Fabia, however, this evening, he confirmed to MMA Fighting reporter, Steven Marrocco that he would no longer be working with Fabia in a professional relationship.

Fabia, the founder of the School of Self Awareness, has hit the headlines in recent weeks in hugely controversial circumstances, following the confirmation that Sanchez had been pulled from his proposed retirement fight against former teammate, Donald Cerrone, before his subsequent release from the promotion. 

Per Sanchez’s attorney, Charles Larkins, Fabia has also seen his role as the Albuquerque native’s attorney terminated.

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Any power of attorney that (Joshua) Fabia had has been rescinded/terminated.

Footage emerged following Sanchez’s release from the UFC of Fabia engaging in a back-and-forth with the UFC broadcast team on ‘Fight Island’ last October, in which he requested the likes of Jon Anik, Megan Olivi, and Paul Felder to “cut the bullsh*t” and to stop attempting to paint a narrative that Sanchez was ruining his legacy.

A phone call conversation between Fabia and the UFC’s Chief Business Officer and lawyer, Hunter Campbell was also leaked on Sanchez’s official Instagram account in which Campbell expresses his concerns for Sanchez’s wellbeing given the fact Fabia had requested the entire medical history of Sanchez during his time with the promotion.

When Sanchez’s attorney, Larkins nor Fabia would confirm upon request that Sanchez wasn’t suffering from short or long-term health issues as a result of fighting as a professional mixed martial artist, the 39-year-old has officially released from the organization.

Receiving mass criticism, more leaked footage emerged of Fabia engaging in a training session with Sanchez, in which the latter is hung inverted, as Fabia throws punches and kicks at Sanchez’s head and body


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