Dillon Danis calls out Justin Gaethje & Jorge Masvidal

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Dillon Danis is known as one of the biggest trolls when it comes to the MMA community and this week he was back at it yet again – claiming “I would submit Justin Gaethje in 30 seconds” and also called Jorge Masvidal “the sell out” and “princess of Miami.” Although the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Danis is unquestionable, his MMA skills aren’t anywhere near as established as the likes of Gaethje and Masvidal which makes it even more shocking.

Looking closer at his Twitter outbursts, the mention of Gaethje is most likely just trash talk. This is a common tactic that has been adopted by Danis over the past few years to gain attention. It’s worked too, so far he’s had two MMA fights in Bellator and has won with ease due to facing weak opponents. Having said this, Danis has two submission victories to his name with an armbar and toehold and has a record of 2-0, proving he is capable of fighting at least. Financially, it may be a bizarre tactic in terms of self promotion, but it clearly works for the American.

In terms of his grievance with Masvidal however, his intentions are probably more real in terms of disliking the Cuban. His words came after Masvidal was pictured training alongside Jake Paul in preparation for an upcoming boxing match that Jake Paul is having with Ben Askren. It’s no secret that Danis has been in a fued with Jake Paul for a few years now, after social media was rife with rumors of the girlfriend of Danis cheating on him with Jake Paul back in 2019. Since then, the pair have traded verbal jabs between each other, so Masvidal’s allegiance with Jake Paul would have been to the anger of Danis.

However, in terms of reality – neither fights are likely to happen at all. For starters, Danis fights in Bellator whilst Gaethje and Masvidal are in the UFC. Further, they are also in different weight categories and would have little to gain by fighting Danis. Regardless, Masvidal in particular isn’t the kind who would accept this kind of trash talk and is known for letting his fists do the talking if he ever runs into his enemies which means Danis may be making a big mistake.

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