As we’re becoming more sedentary, you may have recently dabbled into physical exercise.

Some folks improve their shooting accuracy in their makeshift courts. You may have been playing indoor sports such as ping-pong to pass the time.

Meanwhile, gym trainers have been online streaming their routines, so their clients could continue to exercise as a group.

This exercise trend is great for public health, but sports recovery techniques should be promoted as well. Some people may experience exhaustion or muscle damage since they’ve only started their workout routine recently.

Thankfully, there are numerous methods you may recuperate after a long exercise routine. You have a variety of home remedies and scientific therapies to choose from.

With the recent worldwide cannabidiol hype, you may want to try CBD for sports recovery. After all, various studies have shown its potential for alleviating chronic pain.

Does CBD Help with Sports?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance found in industrial hemp and cannabis plants. Several studies prove its health potential, and the World Health Organization claims it’s generally safe.

The substance responsible for the “high” that cannabis induces is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It’s absent in many CBD products, while others contain a strict 0.3% following the 2018 Farm Bill.

More importantly, it’s famous for its potential in alleviating chronic pain, similar to its source thousands of years ago. As a result, most people use CBD products as a possible pain reliever.

With that said, it may just be your next pick-me-up after your training sessions. You’ll find a variety of CBD for sports recovery lining physical store shelves and online markets.

These may just soothe your aching muscles after your HIIT routine. Along with other recovery techniques, CBD products might help in reducing muscle soreness and maintaining athletic performance.

How Does The Body Recover After Exercise?

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, post-exercise recovery means restoring the body’s internal balance.

The institution reminds people that recovery helps us continue our exercise routines and avoid illnesses. CBD for sports recovery and other workout supplements may help rejuvenate the body after intense exercise.

Furthermore, they recommend six scientifically-proven means of recovery: hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, active recovery, massage, sleep, and compression.


Some professional athletes immerse specific parts of their body in hot or cold water.

Studies suggest that hydrotherapy benefits cardiovascular health, immune function, and pain relief.

What’s more, they discovered more significant benefits from cold water immersion than hot water immersion.


Another peculiar health trend involves subjecting oneself to near-freezing temperatures.

Body cryotherapy is similar to an ice bath, but the trend involves staying in a liquid nitrogen chamber for a few minutes.

It’s proponents laud its supposed ability to facilitate blood flow and muscle recovery. Also, a meta-analysis says it might help with delayed onset muscle soreness.

In contrast, critics warn that it may damage nerves and worsen injuries.

Active Recovery

Studies recommend “cooling down” after a workout by ending with milder physical activity.

For example, you could perform active recovery by taking a brief walk for a few minutes before ending your hour-long jogging routine.

This is also called active recovery, and it may help you stimulate blood flow and facilitate the muscle recovery process.


Of course, massage therapy could help you unwind after an intense workout session.

A 2017 review found that people who received a massage after 24 or 48 hours felt less pain than folks who didn’t.

Much like CBD for sports recovery, sports massage could add more muscle damage if misused.


Inflatable devices or specialized clothing may also provide muscle recovery.

These compress muscles to reduce muscle fatigue, increase blood flow, and remove metabolic byproducts.

However, further research is needed to verify the positive effects of muscle compression.


Medical experts acknowledge the crucial role of sleep for muscle recovery and general wellness.

They warn that a lack of sleep may hamper your physical performance and endanger your overall health.

On that note, CBD for sports recovery might also facilitate sleep.

Is CBD Good for Muscle Recovery?

A person’s muscles experience minor tears and strains after a workout.

Similar to the previous methods, CBD products may help repair muscle damage. It may decrease cortisol levels and boost your protein synthesis.

Can you Use CBD Oil in Recovery?

CBD for sports recovery has more benefits aside from pain relief and muscle restoration.

CBD products may help maintain your homeostatic balance, possibly bolstering your immunity as well. It may also reduce your stress levels, further aiding your immune system.

The most effective ones are made with the best CBD oil, 100% natural and organic.

How much CBD Should I Take for Muscle Recovery?

Sports medicines must be taken in specific doses, much like CBD products.

Please consult your doctor before taking any CBD for sports recovery. You’ll need medical advice to figure out how much CBD you may safely take.

The advisable dose for each person will depend on several factors. Your physician could analyze these to gauge how your body will react to cannabidiol.

Like an athlete, you should never settle for anything less but the best for sports performance. You can consume CBD in the various form of edibles like CBD gummies, oil, vaping, and topicals. If you want rapid results, then vaping is the most recommendable for you to get instant results. You can buy the best vape products from reliable brands like VapoCorner to ensure the utmost effectiveness and safety.

Disclaimer: Is CBD Legal?

Hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal on the federal level. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and products have not been FDA approved. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase these products. Talk to your physician or medical doctor for additional information.

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