ESports Boxing Club: New Boxing Game in Development

The popularity of ESports has grown rapidly in the last years, being the most popular sport. For fans of sports from all over the world, game developments have released lots of immersing video games. You can play football, basketball or tennis with other sport-fans or with friends.

Video games are known to improve hand-eye coordination while also being fun. And boxing fans have long been waiting for a new boxing game with amazing graphics and character development.

Can you believe that the latest one was released in 2011? Well, the waiting has come to an end. SteelCityInteractive took social media and boxing fans by surprise and announced the development of the newest boxing video game: ESports Boxing Club.

Who Will Be Featured on the Game?

SteelCityInteractive has already released its launch trail for Esports Boxing Club. It shows some footage from the game that reveals amazing graphics. The development of the game began last year and it lists famous names from the boxing scene.

You will recognize the names of some legendary boxing players and ring announcers, such as Craig Stephen, Ricky Hatton, Frank Bruno, and many more. The list of featured fighters grows more impressive with the names of Sunny Edwards, Johnny Nelson, Andrew Maloney, and Kid Galahad.

There are a lot of famous names on the boxing scene that are working at the development of this video game. Ryan Rhodes, who formerly was the British champion at super welterweights, is working as a technical consultant for the development team, along with the former trainer of Tyson Fury.

According to Assignment Geek, the team is working on developing immersive and interesting gameplay that will keep boxing fans busy with discovering it for a few weeks.

Release Date

The team began to join forces and develop the game in 2019, which means that it will take a while. It takes hours of coding, debugging, and testing the game before releasing the first version. However, boxing fans are willing to wait as the development team promises great game modes.

The game will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Everyone is suggesting and hoping for a release this year, and we hope it will not be too far in the future. However it will be, the waiting will be worth it.

What to Expect from It?

You might have already started to think and imagine different game modes and storylines. And because there are already famous names from the boxing scene featured in the game, we expect it to be legendary. Boxing fans need this game because so many events and changes have happened on the boxing scene since the release of Fight Night Champion back in 2011. The biggest stars in boxing have changed and new ones have emerged.

Regarding game modes, there will be three of them. You can play a career mode and work on developing your body and strength with famous coaches. There will also be a roster of boxers with boxers from all over the world and across multiple weight divisions. And you will also have the possibility of competing for becoming the World Champion.

The development team has announced it has more pleasant surprises that will make the gameplay even more wonderful. Its name suggests that there will be so much competitiveness in this game that will be addictive for boxing fans.

According to Matthew Wilkinson, editor on assignment help and huge boxing fan, this joy of anticipation will bring happiness to boxing fans. They are something looking forward to during these harsh times. Finally, after quite a few years, someone is developing a new and more actual boxing video game that will keep fans busy.

Will ESports Boxing Club Be Better Than Fight Night?

You hardly can compare these two boxing video games that will be iconic for this part of the history of video game development. Fight Night was the best boxing game released in the last decade and its gameplay and featured fighters were all boxing fans ever wanted.

However, as time passes by, new stars have emerged on the boxing scene and new consoles were developed. Things have changed a little, but Fight Night remained as it was. It’s clear that Esports Boxing Club will be better than Fight Night, especially considering the graphics.

And this is not because graphic designers who worked on Fight Night had not had design skills, but because the technology has advanced. Now you have more software programs to polish your graphic outcome.

Besides, the team that works on Esports Boxing Club is British and the game was officially licensed by the British Boxing Board of Control.


Fans of boxing from all over the world are thrilled when they hear a new boxing video game for consoles and PC will be released soon. How soon we still do not know, but the premises are good. The development team has launched a trailer that shows amazing graphics.

They have also announced a few details about the game modes and gameplay and it sounds that it will be among the best boxing video games. The cast is made of famous names of the boxing scene, from ring announcers to featured fighters.

All in all, it sounds that the waiting will be worth it because they are working on an extraordinary boxing video game.

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