Essential Tools for Staying Active in a Hot, Dry Climate

The weather certainly has an impact on exercise routines. For many people, the indoor gym just doesn’t cut it. Instead, they prefer to enjoy the outdoors, taking in the long run or hopping on a bike. Of course, this choice has several perks. There is no gym fee to fork over, and it grants some alone time which may simply add a bit of peaceful respite from the home or office. However, the catch to this plan is that it only works when those getting out are prepared to battle nature’s forces. People residing in a dry climate, for instance, must overcome the heat and lack of humidity. By having the proper equipment, the body may exert the right amount of force without being pushed too hard.

Use Skin Protection

For decades now, scientists have touted sunscreen benefits, not only during the summer but also year-round. The protection safeguards against the UVA and UVB rays that can lead to skin cancer. That’s not the only safeguard, though, for the skin. When living and exercising in dry climates, people are likely to notice changes in their appearance, face and body. It’s not just the air that is dry. The body may become thirsty too. There isn’t enough moisture to keep the hands, neck and face fresh; therefore, lines, wrinkles and chaffing are likely to appear.

Avoid these signs of aging by purchasing products that hydrate the skin. Before heading out for a jog, apply a coconut hand cream, offering some defense. Use a moisturizer on the face and a vitamin C serum. Running a humidifier in the home may also help you feel refreshed after an outside venture.

Carry Hydration Tools

A dry climate provides a false sense of security during outdoor workouts. The lack of humidity makes it easier to function, so people are likely to push themselves a bit further. As the body exerts a force, blood flow increases, the heart pounds and water evaporates. In humid zones, runners or bikers may experience excessive sweating, yet in drier areas, this sweat evaporates. Those performing cardio may think that they are not exerting themselves enough. These same people may also get a sense that they are still hydrated.

Pay attention to the body and hydrate as needed. Invest in a portable water source that is easy to bring with you. Runners may find one to carry, donned with a stop for easy portability. Vests and belts are also sold that allow for better movement. Bikers may tote bottles along. Be sure to schedule specific times to stop and drink, setting a watch to force the action. Drink before the heart rate increases too much or you feel dizzy. Carry electrolyte tablets to replenish essential nutrients and minerals.

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Wear the Right Attire

Select clothing that is breathable and cool. The body’s core temperature increases when exercise occurs. Too many layers or the wrong materials then contribute to the chances of overheating. Consider the fabric first. Is it thick and heavy? If it is, ditch it for something lightweight. Several companies design shirts and shorts that allow for better ventilation. Mesh linings for example permit the air to flow more and cool you down. Make sure it’s comfortable, and you have footwear that battles sweat and handles the terrain.

Reference a Heart Monitor

Understanding when to stop is important. Because drier wealthier is deceptive with the body, a fitness tracker or watch could help know your body’s limits. Brands have heart monitors that inform you about heart rates. Research the zones appropriate for your age.  When the body exceeds the maximum level, it is time to calm down and rest.

Being aware of the environment and how you prepare for that state factors into outdoor exercise success. Stock up on products that aid with recovery and hydration levels, and wear the right outfits. With these tools, the dry heat doesn’t have to beat you down. You can hit back, conquering it with hard work, knowledge and dedication.


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