Factors to Consider When Purchasing an MMA Mouthguard

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For anyone who has ever watched UFC, or any type of MMA you will need no convincing as to why you need to wear a mouthguard in the Octagon.

Whether you’re a fanatical fan who could answer any pub quiz question about the UFC or if you’re new to the sport and have only started to grapple and roll recently, it doesn’t take an expert to realize the high-risk nature associated with martial arts.

As a result, in this post we won’t bore you about why you need to wear a mouthguard while taking part in combat sports, you already know that.

However, what this post will set out to achieve is to help you tell the difference between a mediocre guard that you shouldn’t trust to protect your teeth, compared to a high-quality guard that could be worn by the best fighters in the world.

As well as that we will also explore what actually makes an effective mouthpiece and examine some of the top brands and features to look out for.

So, All Mouthguards Aren’t the Same?

Quite simply, no there not. In fact, there’s quite a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a mouthguard for a combat sport such as MMA. A surprising amount of choice in fact. Yes, we get it, to the untrained eye you’d imagine that most fighters wear exactly the same guard. All it has to do is protect your teeth right?

Well, not quite, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a good mouthguard for MMA. Some of the most important include:

  • Comfort
  • Impact absorption
  • Breathability

As not all mouthguards are made equal, the brand you choose is likely to make a huge difference as to the quality of the mouthpiece you get. And because your ability to regain your breath and absorb a blow is so important while within the Octagon it’s key that you invest in a product you’re happy with and that ultimately aids your performance rather than holds you back.

We often see this as a big mistake being made. A fighter may be doing a lot of things right, from working hard on their fitness to following a great diet, however, they may continue to persevere with a stock mouthguard they purchased for $5, or worse yet, last used while they were in high school or college.

Another hugely underrated factor is comfort. Although no mouthguard really looks all that comfortable, with Conor McGregor always seemingly on the verge of spitting his mouthpiece out, imagine entering into a highly pressurized situation such as sparring or even a full-on bout knowing that something isn’t quite right. You may not be able to put your finger on it exactly and only later will you realize that the mouthguard was causing you discomfort throughout and disrupting your flow and concentration.

What Mouthguard You Choose Can Make a Huge Difference

The reasons above are just three factors that mean choosing a mouthguard for MMA is actually a larger and more important decision than you may first have anticipated.

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get a mouthguard that will leave your teeth feeling safe and secure but investing in a reputable brand such as OPRO can make a huge difference.


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