FightBook MMA Fighter Focus: Natalya “The Beast” Speece

After a three-year long hiatuses Natalya Speece came back to the cage in dramatic fashion, picking up four wins in 2019. The southern California native who now splits time between beautiful So Cal and Albuquerque, New Mexico at Jackson Wink, is looking to make her pro debut sooner than later.

“The Beast” is primed and ready for the big stage and has been readying herself physically and mentally. Training along side some of the best in the world at the famed New Mexican Gym. Speece feels like now its her time to shine.

FightBook MMA caught up with Speece to talk pro debut, camps, mentality, a long layoff and much more. Hear the full interview below.
Listen to “FightBookMMA Fighter Focus: Natalya “The Beast” Speece” on Spreaker.


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