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Rivne, Ukraine (Fri, March 2, 2018)– Real Fight Promotion (RFP) Presents: West Fight 26: Colosseum will take place on Saturday March 3, 2018 at the Stahlberg Pivnyi Bar in Rivne, Ukraine.

The fight card is available below including the live stream which can be seen only on FightBookMMA on the FITE TV Network. The event will start at 12:30PM ET/9:30AM PT.

West Fight 26: Colosseum Fight Card:

1/4 Grand Prix 70 kg (A)

1. Pavel Sivitskiy (Rivne) vs Yury Gegedysh (Tiachiv)

2. Maksym Potapov (Berezne) vs Vladimir Aftelyak (Ternopil)

1/4 Grand Prix 70 kg (В)

3. Miroslav Dushnyuk (Lviv) vs Oleksii Polischuk (Kremenchuk)

4. Alexander Melnik (Dubno) vs Aron Kholodnitskiy (Vinnytsia)

Grand Prix 70 kg (reserve fight)

5. 70 kg – Evgeniy Kemer (Kolomyia) vs Ruslan Samolyuk (Dubno)

Rating fights

6. 57 kg – Oleg Shramko (Lutsk) vs Anton Kholodnitskiy (Vinnytsia)

7. 61 kg – Valeriy Rybin (Ternopil) vs Tymur Ziunov (Kharkiv)

8. 66 kg – Denis Borzenko (Lutsk) vs Maxim Sischuk (Kolomyia)

1/2 Grand Prix 70 kg

9. TBA vs TBA

10. TBA vs TBA

Rating fights

11. 77 kg – Dilgan Abbasov (Dubno) vs Robert Santos (Kiev)

12. 70 kg – Prokip Pavlyuk (Kolomyia) vs Anton Kharchuk (Ternopil)

13. 66 kg – Ruslan Mammadov (Baku) vs David Karapetian (Dubno)

14. 80 kg – Mykyta «Faitovich» Mikhno (Lviv) vs Anton Radko (Rivne)

Final Grand Prix 70 kg

15. TBA vs TBA


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