FightBookMMA to Live Stream ZAM-ZAM FIGHTNIGHT on Sat. March 3 at 10 a.m. PT

On the 3rd of March 2018 the 6th Zam-Zam Fightnight will take place in the Ulm Kuhberghalle. You can expect an evening with several highlights. In addition to the European Championship, two German championships will be held in kickboxing, superfights and show acts.

Our previous five events aimed to turn the Ulm Kuhberghalle into a showplace for top international athletes.

The 6th Zam-Zam Fightnight has the motto: “From the region – for the region”. The goal of this motto is to give young talents from the entire Alb-Danube district the opportunity to present themselves in front of more than 1,000 expected spectators and thus to promote the enthusiasm for this sport in our region.

This year, another athlete of our club, Hamza Sivro, will fight for the title of European champion, against the Langenauer athlete, Matas Miliunas. The two German Championships are also contested by young talents from Ulm and the surrounding area. In cooperation with the ISKA Association, we can guarantee the quality and the conditions that the athletes must bring to contest such championship fights. The Ulm Kuhberghalle will be rebuilt into a stage for regional talents on the 3rd of March with the help of our club members.

On Friday, March 02, the Ulm Blautal Center will live up to this year’s event by honoring our slogan “From the region – for the region”, as the host for the starting gun of the 6th Zam-Zam Fightnight, all athletes, and more Friends, family and fans from the entire Alb-Donau-Kreis, welcomed. There are from 17 clock all fighters officially weighed.

In addition to fighters from Ulmer and Neu-Ulmer sports schools, athletes from Augsburg, Heidenheim and Reutlingen will arrive. We look forward to seeing you !!

It’s time !! The countdown is on … just a few days until the 6th Zam-Zam Fightnight !! Today we want to introduce you to our main fight. The fight for the European title will be played by Matas Miliunas from Langenau and Hamza Sivro from Ulm.

The balance sheet of the Langenauer is promising:

He won 28 fights of 28!

His previous achievements:

German Champion EML

2nd place German championship men IFMA

triple German Champion Juniors IFMA

Lithuanian and Dutch Junior Champion IFMA

4th place World Championship B-Pool Men IFMA and European Champion B-Pool Men IFMA

Whether Matas will be able to show the title of European Champion ISKA in his title collection will be seen, because there are always two in the ring!

Hamza Sivro, 17 fights of which 13 won, 2-time International German Junior Champion ISKA, from the ZAM-ZAM team from Ulm will face him in the ring !!

The tension is rising and the countdown is on! We are curious who fights for the title! So you too? Then check out the Ulm Kuhberghalle on Saturday, 03.03.2018!

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