Fighting Your First Fight


Mixed martial arts is a very physical and dangerous sport. It takes precision and patience if you want to become a successful fighter. Many will start at a young age and learn more about fighting as they get older, and some will start later in life. If you are getting ready for your first fight, there can be a lot of thoughts going through your mind. Here are a few things to help you prepare for it.

Train Efficiently

You will need to train hard. It’s one thing to watch or even practice fighting, but it’s another thing to get inside the ring with an opponent. You will want to experience situations that you may face during the fight. Mastering things like fatigue and stress during your training will help you in the match.

Exercise Continually

You want to make sure you are in the best physical shape possible. If you are in a specific division, you will need to make sure you make that weight cut. That can mean cutting or bulking depending on where you are at with your body. Cardio is important for later rounds of a fight as well. You do not want to tire too soon and not have the stamina to finish against your opponent.

Eat Right

Your diet is important as you get closer to your fight. You want to eat healthy foods that give you energy. Your body weight is key, so you will need to be strict with what you eat. You may also want to consider supplementing yourself with proteins and other vitamins that build strength. You can try things like le-vel thrive reviews. You also need to make sure your water intake is good. Your body stores a lot of water, so keep in mind that you may have to cut some of it to meet weight. If you have to do this, regaining those fluids before a fight is imperative.

Find Home 

Many people will find a gym to fight out of at the beginning of their careers. Having a home gym will give you opportunities to participate in local fights so you can start to make a path towards a professional career. Sparring partners, which can be found in these gyms, will also get you used to the feel of a fight.

Practice Everything

MMA is a mix of many different types of fighting. You may be good at grappling, but not so good at striking. You want to practice each art form so you can be a complete fighter. If you are able to cause both submissions and knockouts effectively, you have a greater chance of winning your fight. Look for weakness in your game so you can improve and take your skills to the next level.

Watch Opponents

If you know who your opponent is, do your best to study them before the fight. Most fighters have tendencies for how they fight and react. Knowing these things can help give you a competitive edge so you can get the win. If you know what your opponent’s strengths are, it’s easier to make it happen.

Prepare Mentally

You want to make sure you are mentally prepared before the fight. You have to go in with the expectation of a win. You want to be secure in the way you feel about your talent and skill. Any lapses in the ring can cause you to face defeat. There will be tough and stressful times while you are in the octagon. You have to react to them well in order to stay composed and get the win.

Your first fight may make you nervous, but you can go into confidently knowing you’ve done all you need to prepare for it. Victory is not so far away when you know you are up to the challenge.


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