FightWorld MMA 19 results

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: FightBook MMA has your official results for FightWorld MMA 19 which is the longest-running MMA organization in what is widely considered the Mecca of mixed martial arts in Albuquerque, NM.

This event will take place in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday, August 21, 2021, at FITNHB Mixed Martial Arts Complex.

FightWorld MMA was created back in 2004 by renowned MMA coach Tom Vaughn of FITNHB in Albuquerque, NM, and continues its legacy of building combat sports legends. FightWorld MMA has featured some of the most talented professional and amateur MMA fighters to ever come out of the Duke City.

FightWorld MMA 19 results:

  • 170: (R) Ty Miller vs (B) Chase Emener – This was quick work by the crowed favorite in Ty. Emener did not have the answer with Millers knees and his strikes. Ty landed his knees to Chases head and use his punches and elbows until the ref saw enough. Results: Ty Miller def. Chase Emener in Round 1, :46
  • 205: (R) James Romero vs. (B) Chris Collins – What a fight. Both fighters put everything they had in both rounds. James did take down Chris, but Chris was able to sing in a choke. Results: Chris Collins def. James Romero by submission guillotine choke in Round 2, :54
  • 125: (R) Francisco Dominguez vs. (B) David Hudson – This was a quick fight. Both fighters ended on the mat with David being ontop. Francisco was able to use his Bjj and sinked in an armabar with David tapping out at the 1:17 mark in Round 1.
  • 145: (R) Tyrel Wisdom vs (B) Richard Jennings – This was an evenly matched fight. Both fighters had top control at one point in all three rounds. Tyrel did use submission attempts and had more top control. This fight ended with Tyrel winning by unanimous decision.
  • 155: (R) Chris Roybal vs. (B) Julio Zapata – This was a one sided dominate fight. Chris was the crowed favorite and he did not disappoint. He was able to take Julio down and used his ground and pound. The ref stopped the fight and declared the win by KO at the 1:45 mark in Round 1.
  • 170: (R) Anthony Perez-Pena vs. (B) Angel Reyes – Second round finish for this fight. Anthony had control of the better half of round until Angel was able to take to take his back and started using his ground and pound. The ref saw enough and stopped the fight. Results: Angel Reyes def. Anthony Perez-Pena by TKO in Round 2, 2:09
  • 135: (R) Ryan Wilkerson vs. (B) Sam Walker – This fight started off fast with Sam using his reach and landing all his shots. While Ryan was taking them like a champ, he just couldn’t get out of the clinch. Ryan was able to defeat Sam with vicious knees. Results: Ryan Wilkerson def. Sam Walker by TKO (ref stoppage) in Round 1, 1:31
  • 205: (R) Raul Varela Aromi vs. (B) Jose Bustillos – This fight lasted only in the first round with Raul just dominating this fight. He was able to take down Jose and finished the fight with ground and pound. Results: Raul Varela Aromi def. Jose Bustillos in Round 1, 2:46
  • 195: (R) Gabriel Montoya vs. (B) Gabriel Waters – This fight was all in the favor of Gabriel M. and he was landing all his shots but Gabriel W. did land some of his own. In the last round Gabriel M. was continuing landing his hard shots until the 10 second bell rang and that when Gabriel W. landed a hard shot that rocked Montoya and eventually the ref stopped the fight. Results: Gabriel Montoya def. Gabriel Waters by unanimous decision.
  • 155: (R) Estevan Cereceres vs.(B) Prudencio Harbin – Throughout the entire fight, Estevan was in control hurting Harbin and blooding him up. Before the third round started, Harbin tapped out. Result: Cereceres def. Harbin by verbal tap, Round 2, 3:00

This was a historical event being that this was the first MM event in Albuquerque, NM since the start of the pandemic. Not only that, this is the first time FITNHB puts on an event at their gym. Their impressive list not only features local fighters from the South West, but also includes some of the sports best-known fighters including UFC fighters Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means, Carlos “NBK” Condit, “The Angel of Death” Damacio Page, John Dodson, Thomas Schulte, Carlo Prater, and Fabian Maldonado just to name a few. FITNHB was a packed house and the event as successful. Fight Fans cant wait for the next edition of FightWorld MMA.

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