Foods For Fighters

Mixed martial arts fighters need to follow a strict diet in order to have the best chance at becoming successful in the sport. This league is specified by divisions or weight classes. What class a fighter is in will determine how much weight they need to be and what type of diet plan they will follow. Lower weight classes tend to be harder due to the fact that many will drastically cut weight before a fight. Some fighters will be 15-20lbs lighter during their weigh-in compared to their normal walk-around weight. Here are some foods that mixed martial arts athletes will eat to help keep them in good shape no matter their class.


Fish is a very healthy meat to eat. It’s filled with omega proteins and nutrients. These will help a fighter build muscle, while also staying lean. You need to be careful not to eat too much of it though, as it’s high in mercury. While it would take a lot to poison you, you should still be aware of the issues it could cause.


One of the most popular foods you will find fighters eating is beef. Red meat like steak and hamburger has plenty of protein but can also be fatty. It’s important to trim excess fat off your steak to keep it lean. Having a well-cooked steak is not only good for you but also tastes good when done properly. This makes it something that is both healthy and yummy. Fighters also enjoy this type of meat because it can be very filling even when done in small portions.


Dairy is something you can drink as well as eat. Milk is often the product people think about when it comes to dealing with dairy. However, you will also find that cheese and yogurt are great for your health as well. These products are extremely popular when it comes to having a well-balanced breakfast. You can mix fruits or nuts with yogurt to give it flavor and add more nutritious elements.


Chicken is a type of food that should be a staple in every fighter’s diet. Eating it grilled is the best way, as this helps it to stay clean from fats and other ingredients that cause it to become unhealthy. Fried chicken may taste good, but it will be an arch-enemy when watching weight as a fighter. It’s also important to remember to cook through chicken thoroughly to prevent illness.

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Another meat that is wise for fighters to eat is venison. Many people will eat wild deer meat because it not only tastes good, but it has almost no fat. This a major bonus for those who struggle with watching those extra pounds add up. Because a deer spends its life in the wild, the meat tends to be lean without a butcher needing to cut or change much of the meat. Since the meat may be tough or dry due to the nature of the animal, it could become rather tough to eat, so it’s best to marinate it before cooking.


A banana is a great fruit that most fighters will incorporate into their daily diet. The flavorful taste, as well as its multiple health benefits, make it so popular. The ability to eat a banana on the go or even add it into a meal makes it extremely versatile. You can also mix it up with smoothies or protein shakes to add texture to the drink.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter may seem like an interesting choice, yet it packs the ingredients needed to get the results a fighter wants. It’s a very filling food which helps cut down on food consumption, and it also has a good number of proteins and nutrients. Although it may be high in fats and calories, it is considered to be the healthy version of them.

There are many foods that a fighter can incorporate into his diet. These are just a few of the more popular ones.


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