Force of One: Warrior’s Path, Fight to the End recap, official results and photographs

Force of One MMA
21 July, 2018
Clovis Civic Center, NM

CLOVIS, NM– Force of One Presents: “Warrior’s Path, Fight to the End” took place on July 21, 2018 at the Clovis Civic Center. Our correspondent Christian Martin and photographer Christopher Cook were covering this event. Below you will find our recap, official results and photographs.

Fight 1: 145 lbs Amateur
Johnny Bice – A Different Breed MMA (Lubbock, TX) – Amateur Debut
Quintin Charmichael – Force of One Martial Arts (Clovis, NM) – Record of 1-2

Bice and Charmichael kick off the night of fights with an amateur bout. Both fighters meet in middle of the cage and exchange several low kicks for the first half the round. Bice lands one that sweeps Charmichael’s legs and follows him to the ground. Quintin pulls guard but Bice is holding the top position with heavy pressure and drops consistent hammer fists. Round 1 ends with Bice on top.

Round 2 starts with a trade of punches with some kicks mixed in. Charmichael is landing more in these exchanges and backs Bice up to the cage. Charmichael lands a hard right that changes Bice’s strategy as he drops for a takedown. Quintin defends the takedown and almost takes the back then lands in a front headlock. A scramble follows and Bice lands in Charmichael’s guard and returns to dropping hammer fists for the remainder of Round 2.

Round 3 starts with another exciting exchange of standup for the first half of the round. Bice gets takedown and lands in top guard. Charmichael attempts a triangle but Bice keeps both arms in and uses both to land a few heavy shots. Johnny Bice finishes the round dropping punches from the top which helps earn him the Unanimous Decision Victory.

Final: All three judges score 29-28 Unanimous Decision Victory for Johnny Bice

Fight 2: 165 lbs Amateur
Matthew “El Problemo” Cordonero – Perez Fighting Systems (Belen, NM) – Record 1-2
Tre Alvardo – All American Elite Athletics (Santa Maria, Ca) – Record 2-0

The second fight of the night showcases two agile strikers. Both fighters are light on their feet and quickly bounce into their range to land a punch or two before moving. Cordonero partially lands a head kick and Alvardo returns some jabs and kicks of his own. The action only stops as the ref pauses the fight due to a kick that hits Alvardo in the groin. Action quickly resumes and both fighters start throwing hands. Alvardo catches a body kick and uses that to secure a takedown. Tre advances to a strong top half guard and starts dropping straight lefts and rights. El Problemo can’t turn away from the heavy onslaught and the ref stops the fight due to TKO at 1:46 of the first round

Final: Tre Alvardo winner by TKO at 1:46 of Round 1

Fight 3: 135 lbs Professional
Hector Ferral Perez – 10th Planet MMA (Juarez, Mexico) – Record 2-0
Jeremy Morin – A Different Breed MMA (Lubbock, TX) – Record 1-0

The first pro fight has both fighters excited to impress, and Morin is keeping Perez at the end of 1-2 combinations. A couple punches slipped through so Perez pressures Morin against the cage to attempt a double leg takedown. Morin starts a guillotine choke around Perez neck and causes him to abort the takedown attempt. They circle the center of the cage and both fighters throw a 4 piece punch combo

but nothing lands too solid. Feeling each other out standing, Perez walks Morin to have his back against the cage. Morin lands a few defensive jabs but Perez is controlling the tempo and range. Perez lands a couple hard punches that cause Morin to cover up. A knee and elbow slip through that fold Morin. Perez pounces and continues to drop heavy elbows until the referee jumps in at 4:07 of Round 1.

Final: Hector Perez winner by TKO at 4:07 of Round 1

Fight 4: 185 lbs Professional
John “The Millennial” Stern – Angelo MMA (San Angelo, TX) – Record 3-4
Omar “Mexican Phenom” Acosta – Force of One Martial Arts (Durango, Mexico) – Record 5-4

The Mexican Phenom comes out the gate with some quick jabs following by long range rights. Acosta is starting to control the range until Stern lands a body kick. A heavy jab lands for Acosta that backs Stern up and both fighters circle before reengaging. The Millennial lands a front kick and a side kick but misses two more side kick attempts. Each try body kicks that are blocked. Each fighter showings a lot of respect standing while trying to establish their own range. Round 1 ends pretty even.

Round 2 starts with Stern rushing in with a punch combination, but Omar finds the clinch and lands a knee to the head. The Millennial recovers and charges forward with a power takedown. Stern lands in Acosta’s open guard and the Mexican Phenom holds onto a guillotine. Stern stands to escape and but finds himself in an armbar. The Millennial gets his arm free and jumps on Omar’s back to secure a tight choke. Acosta taps out to rear naked choke.

Final: John Stern winner by Tapout due to rear naked choke at 2:39 of Round 2.

Fight 5: 140 lbs Professional
Gene “The Kid” Perez – Perez Fighting Systems (Belen, NM) – Record 6-9
Paco “Texas Punisher” Castillo – Force of One Martial Arts (Hereford, TX) – Record 16-28

Round 1 has both fighters touching gloves then immediately starting to scrap. Both exchange low kicks and then tie up then disengage but stay close range. Quick hands are flying with a few landing for each fighter. Castillo lands a couple overhand rights, but Perez remains in the pocket throwing lefts and rights. More punches landing for The Kid as the flurry continues, and Perez is owning the exchange. A low blow lands on Paco to stop the lightning fast exchange. The fight resumes and so do the firework with quick punches coming from both ends. Perez’s left and right hooks are consistently landing with Castillo scoring with a repeated overhand right. The Texas Punisher is bleeding pretty good from a cut over the eye and backs up to the cage. The Kid secures a strong thai clinch and lands 4 consecutive knees to the head and face to open up another gash. Perez releases clinch to land more heavy hands as Castillo tries to cover and defend. Paco has no answer to the firefight of fists and there is a lot of blood. The ref stops the fight to have Castillo’s cut checked but his corner says the fight’s over. Perez celebrates the win at 1:50 of the first round.

Final: Gene Perez winner due to corner throwing in the towel at 1:50 of Round 1.


  • Fight of the Night Award: Gene Perez and Paco Castillo
  • Submission of the Night Award: John Stern
  • Knockout the Night Award: Tre Alvarado