Francesco Nuzzi takes nail-biting split decision, upsets Bernardo Sopai at BRAVE CF 49

Arriving to take on Bernardo Sopai with only three-weeks notice, Italy’s Francesco Nuzzi put on a stellar performance, especially given the circumstances, and got his first BRAVE CF win against the heavily favorite Albanian counterpart.

In the first two rounds, Nuzzi quickly established his striking superiority, which put Sopai in a very challenging position, one that the young Allstar Training Center star probably had never seen himself before.

With 10 minutes in, though, Sopai managed to turn tables and gain control during the final round, opening a nasty cut below Nuzzi’s eye in the process. But the Sopai’s final sprint wasn’t enough to give him the win, at least in the opinion of two out of three judges, and Francesco Nuzzi was declared the winner via split decision.

After the fight, a very emotional Nuzzi left a message to all his future BRAVE CF opponents. “I gave all I got, I knew that I was going to get that win. I’m here to stay. I’m very emotional because I wanted to do it so bad, I knew I was capable and I proved so”, he said.

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