From refugee to amateur MMA world champion, can Abdul Hussein do it again at BRAVE CF?

Abdul Hussein is the first refugee to win the IMMAF amateur world championship. Born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, Hussein moved to Finland with his family when he was young and, in Scandinavia, fell in love with the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Like many people getting into a new culture, it wasn’t easy for Hussein to fit in but finding out his true passion for the sport was a way to fully integrate in his new community and represent the two flags that he proudly carries.

ABBA, as he’s also known as, became an amateur world champion representing the Finnish Federation back in 2016. Afterwards, he quickly turned pro and joined BRAVE Combat Federation, where he found enormous success since then.

A grappling specialist with a 57% submission-ration in his career, Hussein built a professional record of 7 wins and only one loss. He is currently on a three-win streak at BRAVE CF, including two consecutive guillotine choke submissions over John Cris Corton and Martin De Beer. 

Now, “ABBA” wants to do even more, aiming for the BRAVE Combat Federation world title but first he will take on the biggest challenge of his professional career, a fellow IMMAF alumnus and world champion Muhammad Mokaev.

BRAVE CF has been the go-to destination of IMMAF standouts and matching Abdul Hussein against, arguably, the most sought-after young star in the MMA world right now, Mokaev, is the ticket ABBA needs in order to fast-track to a title fight in the Flyweight division.


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