Both the undefeated sons of former two-time and undisputed heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman were victorious in fights last week, as heavyweight Hasim “Gold Blooded” Rahman Jr. (10-0, 5 KOs) notched a second-round TKO over Mexico’s Alejandro de la Torre at the Salon de Eventos in Heroica Matamoros, Mexico and on Friday, February 5, and younger brother Sharif “C3” Rahman (4-0, 3 KOs) scored a third-round TKO over Haitian opponent Gladimir Jacinto at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia on Saturday, February 6.

The brothers, both signed to New York-based promoter Greg Cohen’s GCP, say it was nice to get back in the ring after an extended Covid-related period of inactivity.

Splitting his training time between the Upton Boxing Gym in his hometown of Baltimore with Calvin Ford and Kenny Ellis and DLX Boxing in Las Vegas, where he’s trained by Dewey Cooper and his father, Hasim Sr., Rahman says he stayed ready the whole time for the chance to get back in. “Whenever it was open, I’ve been in the gym the whole time and looking forward to getting back. It felt great to get in there and get one that counts.”

A four-year pro and an accomplished amateur before that, Rahman Jr. says 2021 is the year he levels up in the family business. “This year, I want some better competition,” he said. “It’s clear that I can handle myself with B and C level opponents, so I’m looking to go ahead and get some more competitive fights this year and hopefully get on TV. I feel like I was born ready.”

Often on the smallish side, especially weight-wise, for today’s big men, Rahman says he’s looking forward to testing the waters in boxing’s newest weight class.

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“My entire career has already been at bridgerweight,” he said. “I love everything about this new division. If you look at the top-50 heavyweights, you’d have to stretch to find more than a few that weighed under 225. That tells you they made this new weight class for a reason, to make it more competitive for guys around the cruiserweight limit. I think it’s perfect and I’ll definitely be campaigning at bridgerweight. If I don’t get a crack at that title, I’ll make my way down to cruiserweight. It’s not too far. I’m comfortable in either division.”

Sharif Rahman, who recently signed and joined his brother and his father before them as a member of the GCP stable, says the victory, his first in nearly three years, was a homecoming, even though it was in Mexico. “It’s rough getting fights in the US right now, so it felt great,” said Rahman. “In the ring is home for me. As far as my performance, it was good, but I can do a lot better.”

Rahman says his other family members’ experiences with GCP put him at total ease with his new promoter. “I’m looking to get to 10-0 this year,” he continued. “I hadn’t fought for a while because I had no backing and a lot of my scheduled bouts have fallen out, but I’ve known Greg since I was an amateur and I’ve got nothing but good things to say. He takes care of me well. I could have signed with Greg a while ago, but he didn’t want me to fight at 168 lbs. Now that I’m 100% disciplined and have made the sacrifices, he agreed to promote me at 154 lbs. and 147 lbs. as more appropriate weight classes. That’s fine with me because I want to be a multi-division champion.”

Like his brother, also a decorated former amateur, Rahman says fighting as a professional out of DLX Boxing in Las Vegas with trainer Chris Catalan and signed to GCP will finally allow him to let his true talents shine. “I’ve always had more of a pro style. Growing up watching my father train with fighters like Zab Judah, William Joppy and Floyd Mayweather, I would watch them and model my style after them. I’m more calculated and selective than an amateur.”

Father Hasim Rahman Sr. watched both his sons’ fights and indicates he is happy with the way things are going. “I was pleased with both outcomes to say the least,” said the elder Rahman. “I’m not concerned with rushing them. I feel like as long as they are progressing and moving forward to their goals, I’m happy. I’m also glad they are both signed to Greg Cohen now. Greg is an extended member of our family. I could have found a more prominent promoter to sign them with, but I know Greg has their best interests at heart, even beyond boxing. And I know for a fact Greg can get the job done because he got it done for me on several occasions. I have another son Hasan coming up and every one of us are going to sign with Greg automatically.”

Promoter Cohen says both brothers have big years in store for them under his guidance.

“Hasim Jr. is ready for another level,” said Cohen. “He is walking through the preliminary level of opponents. We hope to have him in with another prospect or a solid contender soon. And Sharif, he has turned his whole career around by focusing all his efforts. He looked terrific last week. I’ll be looking to continue his development by keeping him much more active in the next 12 months.”


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