Get In Shape Together – The Best Couple’s Workouts

Do you and your partner want to get in shape together? Perhaps you’ve both let yourselves a go a little bit lately and you are feeling drained and out of shape. If that’s the case, then don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal for couples to put on weight when they’re in love. That’s what people do when they are happy: they eat and drink together and neglect to exercise because they’re too busy enjoying one another’s company. However, what if you could work out together? It’s a great way to push each other and stick to your plans – plus, it’s something that you can do from the comfort of your own home as well. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best couple’s workouts.

1 – Push-up reach

The push-up reach is a great couples exercise for building your upper-body strength. The process is simple: both of you must get into high-plank position and face each other. Following that, do a press-up and then reach out and high-five one another before pushing down and then repeating the process again. Alternate arms and mix up your push-ups with as many different variations as you want.

2 – Back extensions

For couple’s back extensions, you can either do this on the floor, or hanging off the sofa.

  • Floor: one of you must kneel down on the floor with your lower legs flat out behind you. With your partner holding your calf muscles to keep your lower legs on the floor, your weight will be supported. Following that, cross your arms across your chest with each hand placed on the opposite shoulders, and then slowly tip your upper body forward and lower yourself toward the floor (as close as you can get without touching). Then, taking a deep breath in, engage your lower back muscles and slowly lift your upper body back into the upright position.
  • Sofa: if you’d like to take it a step further and extend your back all the way down so that you are horizontal, you can use the sofa. Simply kneel on the sofa, facing forward, with your toes tucked between the cushion and the backrest. With your partner holding your calf muscles and supporting your weight, lower your upper body forward until your thighs and the upper half of your body are horizontal over the ledge of the sofa. Following that, take in a deep breath, engage your lower back muscles and slowly return your upper body to the upright position.

3 – Back to back squat sit

This one is nice and simple and great for building up those leg muscles. Stand back to back and then slowly squat down into the wall-sit position. This will burn your hamstrings, quads and glutes! It will also test your endurance as well so make sure you push each other to hold the position for as long as possible!

4 – Squat and throw

For the squat and throw you’ll need a medicine ball to throw to one another. You can use something lighter to begin with if you want, as you build up your strength together. The process is simple: hold the ball in front of you and squat, then throw the ball to your partner. They will then hold the ball in front of them while they squat, and repeat.

5 – Plank reach

Similar to the push-up reach exercise, the plank reach requires that you get into  low-plank position, head-to-head with your partner, with a head’s difference between you To do this, first get into a low plank position, with your forearms laid flat on the floor, parallel to one another. You will immediately start to feel the burn in your lower abdomen. Following that, reach out toward one another, alternating high-fives. Try to hold this position for at least 1-minute and then build up from there. It’s the perfect workout for targeting your abs!


These are just a handful of exercises that you can try at home. In fact, there are countless couple’s workouts that you can do together. Just remember that it doesn’t all have to be boring! In fact, why not buy couple’s sex toys online and find more exciting and intimate ways to burn those calories together?


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