Top 10 massage techniques for athletes

As you probably know, there are numerous types of massages and they all use different techniques and have distinct aims. Their focus can be on different body parts as well as healing processes. In the broadest sense, massage is defined as the practice of kneading and rubbing the body, with hands. It’s the therapist’s job to gently press the client’s muscles as well as joints to ease the pain and tension. Everybody can enjoy the many benefits of a massage, however, athletes are a group of people that require regular messages due to different kinds of injuries or pressure.

The top ten massage techniques that are suitable for athletes include sports massage, Swedish massage, a chair massage and trigger-point massage. Others, that are also practised include a deep tissue massage, a hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, a Shiatsu and a Thai massage. Keep reading to learn more about these.

1.   Sports massage

Let’s start with the most basic one – a sports massage. Sports massages are for people who have suffered some injuries. These injuries usually stem from playing a certain sport. Therapists use this type of massage post-injury or as a preventative therapy. Other uses of a sports massage include improved flexibility and better performance. It can be done as a full body massage, but it can also focus on specific parts of the body, depending on the need.

2.   Swedish massage

A Swedish massage is a great way to get into the world of massages. It is for people who are new to this, who are sensitive to touch and have a lot of tension built up. Even if you are a professional athlete and some or all of these things are true for you, then you should perhaps start with this massage. And later on, you can move to a sports massage. It is great for releasing muscle knots.

3.   Chair massage

A chair massage is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time and want a quick neck, shoulder and back massage. Getting a massage chair can help in releasing the tension you’re feeling in no time.

4.   Trigger-point massage

The trigger-point type of massage is convenient for people who have suffered from some kinds of injuries, with chronic pain or who live with a certain condition. It got its name from the trigger points in muscles. What happens is that these specific areas of tightness cause pain in different parts of the body. This massage focuses on relieving these trigger points, causing pain to reduce.

5.   Deep tissue massage

Therapists apply a deep tissue massage with slightly more pressure than in Swedish massage. It is a great alternative for chronic pain, imbalance or soreness. Its aim is to help loosen tight muscles, chronic pain as well as anxiety.

6.   Hot stone massage

Furthermore, a hot stone massage is a great way to relax. It is a therapeutic massage, similar to Swedish massage, with the difference of using stones. The therapist uses heated stones instead of their hands, or in addition to hands. Such a massage can improve blood flow, ease muscle tension and relieve stress, among other things.

7.   Aromatherapy massage

An aromatherapy massage is the perfect massage option for people or athletes who want to experience an emotional healing aspect of the massage. Its aim is to boost mood, reduce depression and stress as well as relieve pain. For this kind of massage, the therapist uses essential oils in combination with soft, gentle pressure.

8.   Reflexology

On the other hand, reflexology is a specific type of massage for people who wish to relax and recharge their energy. Also, it is suitable for people who don’t like being touched all over their bodies. It focuses on specific pressure points on our bodies.

9. Shiatsu massage

Moreover, Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage that is beneficial to our emotional and physical well-being It helps reduce headaches, muscle tension as well as depression and stress. It usually focuses on the whole body, but therapists can also adjust it to certain parts of our bodies. Rhythmic pressure or pulsing techniques are used with the help of hands, palms and thumbs.

10. Thai massage

The last one is Thai massage. It is a very active type of massage. It is great for improving circulation, flexibility and restoring energy. The movements used are similar to the ones used in yoga. Therapists use firm pressure in combination with stretching and twisting your body.

Including a massage into your lifestyle, regardless of whether you’re a professional athlete or just an active person brings you a lot of benefits. These benefits are not only physical but also emotional, spiritual and mental.


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