Golden Gloves Results Day 4

Tulsa, Oklahoma: FightBook MMA has your results for the Golden Gloves Day 4. Our correspondents, Arlow Jumper, Marty Jumper, and Anthony Vasquez all contributed to keeping up with the action. Stay tuned to FightBook MMA as we will have Day 5 and 6 results.

Tulsa along with the Engine room are helping boxing make a comeback in Oklahoma. This week Tulsa has been the home to the best amateur boxers across the nation as they battle it out in the National Golden Gloves Tournament to see who is the nation’s best amateur boxer. Oklahoma has had its list of National Champions throughout the years, 1943 – Earl O’Neal – Oklahoma City 1943 – Barry Darby – Oklahoma City, 1945 – Virgil Franklin – Oklahoma City 1948 – Alvin Williams, – Oklahoma City, 1949 – Jack McCann – Oklahoma City 1953 & 1955 – Richard Wall – Oklahoma City 1956 – Leroy Jeffrey – Tulsa 2006: Eric Fields – Ardmore, Oklahoma. 2017 – Aaron Morales – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and 2002 most notably Mr. Funky Tight himself, Big Brotha Thunda the pride of Tulsa Allan Sweetness Green – Tulsa, Oklahoma. Looking to add her name to this prestige list The Engines Room and Tulsa Native Neida Ibbarra.

Golden Gloves Results Day 4:

Golden Gloves Ring 1 Results:

1. Goade vs Harper, winner Goade, by decision, won using a relentless in your face approach that had Harper flustered the duration of the fight.

2. Petway vs Gonzales, winner Gonzales by TKO in the second round. Gonzales displayed a consistent body barrage that Peteay was unable to deal with & thus created the stoppage in the 2nd. Relentless body shots spelled doom for Petway.

3. Monserat vs Deatherage, winner Monserat TKO Round 1. Monserat was in control from the outset of the initial bell using a smooth jab & a strong right hand. Monserat proved too powerful for her opponent and forced the ref to stop the bout.

4. Mendez vs Tomalcheva, winner Tomalcheva by split decision. Tomalcheva worked the taller fighter using grit & heart. Tolmacheva stayed inside and never let the taller fighter find his range or feel comfortable.

5. Carlos vs Vargas, winner Carlos by decision. Carlos found his range and stayed the taller fighter which earned him a hard-earned victory. Carlos kept his opponent at bay for the majority of the bout.

6. Ramos vs Torres, winner Ramos by split decision. Ramos stayed the busier fighter throughout the bout & was landing the far cleaner crisper punches for the duration of the bout.

7. Dakhallah vs Ferrell, winner Ferrell by decision. Ferrell controlled the bout by way of out-working and landing her opponent. Ferrell landed cleaner, crisper shots while her opponent landed a few during each round it was not enough to offset Ferrell’s work.

8. Samargis vs Moreu, winner Moreu by decision. Moreu put in more work and controlled the ring using her range along with effective punches. Moreu never let her opponent get on track.

9. Panthen vs Ruiz, winner Panthen by decision. Panthen landed punches in bunches often enough throughout each round to obtain the decision. His opponent was game but didn’t have enough counters to sway the judges.

10. Bartee-El vs Salazar, winner Bartee-El by decision. Bartee-El withstood a late rally from his opponent and rode the momentum he built in the earlier rounds to the decision. Bartee-El used smooth combos and effective movement to outwork his opponent.

11. Young vs Bercier, winner Bercier by decision. Bercier out brawled the boxer and was the busier fighter for the duration of the bout. Bercier landed the harder shots while his opponent tried to outbox him unsuccessfully.

12. Johnson vs Simmons, winner Simmons by walkover.

13. Nelson vs Ballard, winner Ballard by decision. Ballard outworked his opponent using strong combos & subtly head movement. His opponent tried to work inside to no avail & Ballard landed combos at will.

14. Banks vs Lacy, winner Lacy by decision. Lacy landed cleaner punches and worked hard enough to earn the split decision. His shorter opponent tried to work inside but he did not do enough to stop Lacy.

Golden Gloves Ring 2 Results:

1.) Figo Ramirez- Texas vs Alex Maldonado – Indiana 114lbs
Ramirez dominated a very tough fighter in Maldonado taking home the W with a unanimous decision. Ramirez footwork and power were just too much for Maldonado.

2) Tannee Gurley – Rocky Mountain Vs Peter Frakes – Cincinnati
A very intense matchup that was a beautiful display of Frakes speed and boxing ability that lead to his unanimous decision victory.

3) Neida Ibbarra- Kansas/Oklahoma vs Heather Cirka CO/NM
Tulsa own and Engine Room’s own Neida Ibbarra showed up and showed out.
High intensity, punch output, and power was too much for Cirka to handle Ibbarra stops her in the 2nd Round referee stoppage. Ibbarra moves on to the next Round.

4) Liz Neddy – New England vs Karma El – Chanti – Detroit
In an all-out slugfest from start to finish where both fighters fought ear to ear. Liz Neddy takes the decision victory and moves on in the tournament.

5) Angel Hernandez – Florida vs Rahman Muhammad – Nevada Hernandez speed, power, and elusiveness cruises to a UD victory.

6) Joshua Pagan – Michigan vs Vershaun Lee – Chicago
In an impressive display of grit mixed with endurance and ability, Lee moves in the tournament with the decision victory.

7.) Danielle Cooley – Michigan vs Crashing Wynn – Cleveland
Wynn survived an early onslaught in the first minute of the first Round then Cooley turned it up and took full control stopping Wynn in the 2nd Round Referee stoppage.

8.) Stephanie Simon – Washington DC vs Misty Pruitt – Mid South
Stephanie Pruitt came in and dominated from the opening bell with an offensive onslaught stopping Pruitt in the opening Round via referee stoppage.

9.) Jean Gabriel – Florida vs Sharif One – New York Metro
In an extremely competitive fight that could’ve gone either way, Gabriel moves on to the next Round taking the decision win.

10.) Davis Rodrigo – Nevada vs. David Fecteau – Detroit
Facteu rally at the end of the 3rd was enough to pull out the victory and continue on in the tournament.

11.) Arkeem Kirk – Detroit vs J’Khory Gibson – Texas
In fight that showed off Gibson’s boxing ability, Gibson takes home the w with a decision and moves on in the tournament.

12.) Adrien Prieto – Michigan vs Granville Gittens – New York Metro
In a slow-paced with loopy punches from both fighters. Prieto takes the decision victory moving on to the next Round.

13.) Jarvis Jones – Texas vs Brian Mowery – Pennsylvania
On a bout of natural heavyweights Jarvis Jones muscles his way to a UD and continues on in the tournament.

14.) Kashaun Davis – Mid South vs Alonzo Neal – CO/NM
Davis fights his way into the next Round out pointing and out fighting Neal to a UD victory.


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