Good Jobs for Fighters in Training

When you are in training, it can be difficult to find a job that allows you the flexibility and income necessary to focus on your schedule. Maintaining any job while you are training means the job needs to be worked around your set training schedule in the mornings and at night. It also means that it can provide you with enough money to pay for your necessities as well as gym fees. But there are many positions that offer these requirements for those with varying levels of education and experience. 

Remote Call Center
Working in a remote call center allows you to work from home, making training easier. A lot of call centers also allow you to set your own schedule and only require you to hit a certain number of hours per week. Many of these positions come with paid training so you do not have to worry about having much experience when applying for these positions. They will walk you through how to perform a sales call and will even provide a mentor while you are getting acquainted with the process. 
Kitchen Staff
This position is physically demanding but that also may assist with your training. Kitchen staff typically work in shifts so you can choose if mornings, afternoons, or nights work best for you. If you fulfill a specific position that allows you to set your own schedule, head chefs and general managers can be flexible about your previous engagements. This is another position that does not require much training or previous experience. There is also the perk that many kitchens allow you to take food home with you. 
While this position may allow you to make your own hours, you do need to typically have experience or education to get the job. That being said, if you know someone that can vouch for you, a shop may allow you to help out with the less complicated jobs until you learn to handle the bulk of the position by yourself. This is another physically demanding job, but depending on where you work, you can work out during your lunches and breaks without it affecting your work. 
Real Estate Agent
This does require you to get the right licensing but you can make your own schedule. You also can work less with more of a payoff. If you sell only a handful of houses a month, you can make quite a bit of money. You are also not required to work nights, so you can make sure you do not miss any important matches or classes. 
Substitute Teacher
If you got a college degree and live in a state that allows you to teach without additional testing, this is a great option to get paid while not affecting your training. Even in places that require additional testing, usually, it is a simple test that you could pass already because of your education. This is primarily during the day so mornings and nights are open to train, and you would never need to work on the weekends. 
While this position does pose the risk of injury, most of the time it is late night and low risk depending on where you work. Working the door at a bar or club can be an easy way to make some extra cash without interrupting your training schedule. You may need to work harder to get the sleep necessary for your health, but you can always augment your schedule to allow you time to get some rest. 
This is a great position where you can set your own hours, you can push yourself physically while you work, and you can learn on the job. Landscaping is also typically seasonal so you can work a lot during the high seasons, save money, and then focus on training full time in the off-season. Landscaping businesses are also more likely to hire people without previous experience compared to other industries. 

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