How To Become a Female MMA Fighter

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, can be an exciting sport to train and compete in. However, if you are a woman, there can be additional challenges, both physically and mentally, to prepare yourself for your first fight. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin your journey as a MMA fighter.

Training Partners

While the female side of mixed martial arts is growing, it is still known as a male dominated sport. You will have to get used to training with and alongside men. Interview potential gyms to train in and talk with the team members there. Take note of those who have women who are already part of the group. They will be able to tell you about their experiences at the facility as well as be potential partners during your practice. Working with the opposite gender can be a blessing because the difference in strength and size can make you stronger and quicker. However, you will want to find a place with men who accept you as a woman. If they have issues with you training there, you have the potential of getting hurt or there being a lack of training.


One crucial aspect of MMA is that the athlete is well conditioned and healthy. When you are preparing for a fight that you arranged, you must be within the certain weight that both opponents agreed to. To do this, you must eat meals that include lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and other sorts of clean foods. Research what is thrive and consider supplementing their green drinks between each of these meals. Carry a pack of nuts with you so that you have them to snack on when you get hungry. Drink up to a gallon of water a day to stay well hydrated through the long training sessions that you will have. Following this type of diet will help build your energy as well as leave you feeling ready to go.


A full MMA fight can go up to fifteen minutes with only a minute to rest between each round. The activity is very strenuous and requires a great deal of training to get prepared. Make every class you can at your gym in both stand up and grappling. There might be a technique that you have yet to learn that could be handy in your upcoming fight. You can also use the time in the session set aside for live, controlled fighting to get some more work in. Find a place where you can run a mile or two every day whether it is on a trail outside or on a treadmill. Lift weights and do other types of strength and toning exercises to increase your strength and speed.


It is one thing to train by hitting a bag. Being struck by another human is far different. Set up as many times as you can to work with someone else in a live match. You will practice with them with light hits and grappling but with enough intensity to prepare you for your fight. If you have access to a MMA cage, take advantage of it as often as you can. This way you will know how to perform with the barrier there. Find occasions both in classes and out to engage with your teammates until you are both better at sparring. When they have a competition, volunteer to help them as they did you. From modifying your diet to finding and getting to know a team to train for, there is much to prepare for when you decide that you want to become a female MMA fighter. The more time you spend in the gym getting better at what you do with the right partners will lead you to success.


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