How to Fill Your MMA Classes with Easy-To-Follow Sales Steps

Every business needs a process to follow if they want to attract and retain customers. Sending emails blindly and advertising wherever you can get the best rate won’t bring in the clients you need to support your enterprise. Many businesses rely on products to make their money and can use those products in their marketing and advertising efforts to draw people in. But what about businesses that focus on services or classes, such as an MMA gym? These types of businesses can see meaningful results by following the same sales steps as everyone else and tweaking areas unique to their business.


The first step in every sales process is to find customers. This might be difficult for places that teach classes like mixed martial arts because there’s no clear niche to advertise in to reach people who might want to join. You want everyone to come to your gym! So finding a target audience can be difficult.

To successfully prospect for your MMA classes, try starting with the customer base you already have. Keep an updated email list and send out regular communications, including notices of beginner classes, new member discounts or trial periods. Word of mouth marketing is more powerful than most people think and it might be the best way to bring in new clients.


Being prepared is incredibly important because odds are your potential customers will have a lot of questions. You also, however, want to be prepared to wow them. You should know as much as you can about the target audience you have coming through the door and what they need to see and hear to feel sold on your classes. For example, if you’re hoping to reach people who have no prior training or knowledge of MMA, then you should be prepared to answer basic questions and get them comfortable with the idea of martial arts-style fighting.

Handle Objections

Not everyone will be sold on your process right away. Sometimes you’ll need to deal with people who don’t see the value in your offering or might be contesting your pricing. This is where a lot of salespeople balk and give in to the clients and their whims. You don’t have to get in a fight with anyone, but you can absolutely stand your ground if you know how to handle objections professionally and politely.

In an MMA class, some people might feel they didn’t get the workout they wanted or your pricing is too expensive for just an hour-long class. This is where being prepared comes in handy. All you need to do is have the reasoning for your prices at the ready and be able to easily explain what problem in their life your classes solve. Your pricing is based on a per-class model and helps you pay for top-notch instructors and keep classes small so every member gets individualized attention. By joining your classes, people can get into shape in a fun, interactive way, as well as learn some self-defense along the way.

Close the Sale and Repeat

Once you move people through all the stages of a sale, then you’re ready to start closing deals. Keep in mind that the process doesn’t always move from one stage to the next in a linear fashion. Sometimes people will bounce around the stages a few times before they’re ready to make a commitment. And that’s okay! You just want to make sure you’re there with all the help and answers they need so that when they are ready, they’re coming straight to you. After you make a sale, make sure to follow up with any additional information new members might need, as well as a thank you.

Once a sale is done, you can either turn your attention back to generating new leads at the beginning of the process or you can try to get existing members to purchase additional services, all with the same easy steps! 

(Photo Credit: Cade Guerrero and Daniel Zuniga are freelance reporters for the NM NewsPort)


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