How To Reestablish Your Wellness Routine After an Illness

Illness, serious or common, can wreak havoc on your body. You may only be sick for three days, but then continue to feel lethargy and fatigue for days or even weeks later. This happens because your body is still putting energy into your recuperation, so it’s important to give yourself the tools you need to get better. Recovering from sickness is never easy, but here are some tips you can follow to bounce back quicker.

Get Your Doctor’s Permission To Resume Normal Activities

If you’re overcoming anything more serious than the common cold, there may be factors you’re unaware of, which can affect your recovery. Therefore, it’s important to consult a doctor before resuming your normal routine. Trying to do too much too soon can set you back and make you feel worse for longer than necessary. When you feel better, ask your health care provider if you’re well enough to return to your normal schedule of work and activities without the risk of complications.

Fight Residual Fatigue With Supplements

Your body puts significant energy into the healing process, leaving you feeling tired for days or even weeks after recovery. You can help to mitigate some of your fatigue with nutrition supplements that help boost your immune system as well as your mood. Check out these Le-vel Thrive reviews to learn how flooding your system with vitamins and minerals can put the pep back in your step even when you aren’t at your absolute best due to illness.

Prioritize Rest Time

Inadequate rest likely contributed to your falling ill in the first place, and failing to slow down will negatively impact your recovery. Take as much time as you need to let your body finish healing. You finally have a great excuse to lay on the couch all afternoon and binge your favorite shows on Netflix, so don’t feel guilty about staying in. Rushing your recuperation will only slow it down and you’ll feel worse for longer.

You may not have a choice but to return to work or school as soon as possible, but try to take it easy as much as you can. Let someone else do the heavy lifting until you’re back to full strength.    

Sleep, but Not Too Much

Adequate sleep is essential to the recovery process. When you’re sleeping, your body and brain are working to heal, regenerate damaged cells and purge illness. However, too much sleep can actually slow healing. Light activities like walking around the house, reading or watching TV are stimulating enough to encourage recuperation. Therefore, for the quickest comeback, you should make sure to get a full night’s sleep, but spend your days awake and actively resting.

Resume Moderate Exercise

Physical activity is important for your health, and maintaining optimal fitness will help you recover from illness faster than not. Resuming your regular exercise routine when you feel well enough is an excellent way to start getting your life back on track. However, overdoing it can put you right back in bed and slow your recovery. Instead, take it slow. Start by going for a walk, practicing yoga or stretching. Increase your activity as you feel better, moving on to short bouts of cardio and strength training until you’re back to full health.

Don’t let your illness derail you completely from your workout regimen. The longer you’re away from the gym, the harder it will be to go back.

Focus on Nutrition

When you’re sick, you probably don’t feel up to eating, and you certainly don’t want to cook. This makes it easy to fall into a bad habit of consuming simple processed meals that aren’t nutritious to begin with. If you have someone who can cook chicken soup for you, that’s great! If not, do the best you can while you’re down and out, but when you’re well enough, make good nutrition a priority again.

Recovery from an illness requires a lot of time and energy. Do what you can to feel better faster and get back to your normal life before you know it.

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