How to Stay Lean and Strong as an MMA fighter

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Mixed Martial Arts is a grueling sport. It can be very violent and dangerous, and it takes proper training to become successful. Long hours filled with practice and working out will help you prepare for your fights. Becoming mentally prepared and understanding your opponent is key if you want to win. No matter your weight class, you want to be in the best shape possible. Here are some ways MMA fighters stay lean and powerful.


A fighter must have good cardio for a fight. As your momentum diminishes while fighting, so does your strength and knockout power. The deeper you get in rounds, the more energy you’re required to possess. This can be hard to maintain, but proper training can get you in that shape. Activities like biking and swimming can help you with just that. An easy way to build your cardio is by pushing yourself for a few extra few minutes after a workout session.


Lifting weights is a great way to get stronger. You can lift heavy to pack on the muscle, or you can lift lighter in order to get leaner. What you need to do will generally be determined by your weight class, and whether or not you have to cut or gain it. Muscle is great, but it makes your weight go up which could be a potential problem. You don’t want to overwork yourself as it can cause injury.


You’ll need to spar and practice real action before getting in the octagon. You may have a tough time replicating your opponent, but sparring is important when leading into a fight. You can learn techniques specialized to your opponent while getting your body into fight shape. This is even better than lifting and cardio as it is practicing exactly what you could be doing in a fight.


As an MMA fighter, you should be well rounded in all aspects of the game. Wrestling and grappling are two very important parts, and they can both take a lot of strength out of you. That’s why it’s important to practice, as it’s an all-body workout. There are muscles you will use that you never knew you even had and going for long sessions can test your endurance, providing you with great training.


Your diet is very important for recovery from your training. You need to make sure you are taking in the right foods. Doing this by keeping track of the number of calories and protein you are taking in. What you can’t get in the foods you are eating you’ll need to get through taking supplements such as Power Life. Your diet will either make or break your training as your muscles grow while you rest. They require proper food and time to become strong.


It’s important to have a schedule as you train. You don’t want to be overwhelmed or overworking your body. A fight camp can be draining, which could lead to poor performance in the octagon. You’ll need to plan your workouts so this doesn’t happen. Have time limits and set goals for what you are trying to accomplish that day. Include your want to be weight and weigh yourself every day so you can get a feel of where your body is at.


Sometimes your mind is the most important part of your training. You need to be able to tell yourself you can go another round of practice or lift another rep. When you can make your body go the extra mile, it can pay dividends later on both in training and fighting. It’s also important to know when to stop. Pushing yourself too much can cause issues as well. Knowing you’re ready and prepared to fight can contribute to how much training and work you’ll have to do.

A fighter needs to know their body. When they understand how it works, they can be the strongest one possible.


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