How To Treat Your Body Like a Fighter

Whether you are a professional fighter, just getting into fighting, or just fighting to be your best self, you should always treat your body like a fighter. Why? Every day your body is fighting to keep you safe and healthy by doing its best to keep bacteria and other harmful germs at bay. So, it’s only fair that you treat your body well. 

Hemp Oil 

Your skin is your body’s outer level of defense. When you get cracks or cuts in your skin, it is easier for bad bacteria and other germs to creep in. This can lead to infections and various illnesses. One way to keep your skin healthy and strong is to develop a skincare routine. 

Many people think a skincare routine is only used to treat acne or for other cosmetic reasons. However, you don’t necessarily need to use a skincare routine exclusively on your face. If there is an area of your skin that frequently is dried out or prone to cuts, then apply a skincare routine there too.

One thing you can use to boost your skincare routine is hemp oil. There are a variety of hemp oil benefits for skin. Hemp oil can help to moisturize and oxygenate the skin. It can also help to reduce levels of acne, inflammation, and eczema symptoms.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

As well as protecting your body from the outside, you can also change up your diet to protect your body from the inside. This doesn’t mean “going on a diet.” Instead, it means incorporating more healthy foods into the diet you already have. Namely, incorporating foods that are rich in vitamin C. 

By eating foods that are rich in vitamin C, you can help to boost your immune system– naturally. Most people know that citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, but that’s not the only option. Berries, peppers, and various tropical fruits are also chock-full of this essential nutrient. 

Anti-inflammatory Spices

One of the most common symptoms of many illnesses is inflammation. When your stomach hurts when you are ill, it’s likely caused by inflammation. Are your eyes itchy and watery during allergy season? Once again, the culprit is inflammation. Do you have swelling or bloating? You guessed the common symptom correctly– it’s inflammation. So, by adding spices to your diet that can help to reduce inflammation naturally in your body, you can help to fight the symptoms of a large variety of illnesses.

Up first is garlic. Garlic is the star spice in many Italian dishes. It is also a wonderful component to just about any savory dinner dish. In a way, it’s like inflammation– this little spice is everywhere! Mexican food? Check. Hamburgers? Also there. Pizza? Right away. You can also add it to healthy meals like roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes.

If you are looking for something a little hotter, try out powdered cayenne pepper. Be careful though; this spice is hot! Because of this, you only need a little bit of it per meal. For example, if you are cooking a pound of meat, you probably only need about a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper to give it a little kick. Will it hurt you if you eat too much? That’s not likely. However, the food may just be too spicy to eat.

If you want something a little tamer, try ginger root. You can use this spice fresh, dried, or powdered. They all work great to help fight inflammation. While ginger is in some savory meals, namely Asian dishes, it is most commonly used in desserts. Think gingerbread cookies and the like. What makes this spice stand out is that you can also make tea out of it. You can do this by boiling ginger root in water. If you can’t make your own tea, store bought works fine too.

Treat your body like the fighter it is by giving it the tools to fight off inflammation, boost your immune system, and keep your skin healthy. After all, your body is fighting its hardest for you, so why not fight for it?

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