IMPACT! Wrestling Recap and Results – 11-24-2020

Following last week’s emotional sendoff of The Rascalz being spoiled by a backstage attack from Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock, ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ will face the IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann. Wrestler’s Court will be in session as The Boys vs. Johnny Swinger will occur, and The North’s Ethan Page will face off against “A Phenomenal Opponent” of The Good Brother’s choosing. All this and the continuation of the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament on this week’s IMPACT!

The show begins with a recap of Tommy Dreamer calling out Johnny Swinger for Wrestler’s Court, Eric Young and Joe Doering on the rampage once again, and the final match of The Rascalz in IMPACT Wrestling followed by the brutal attack by Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock.

The show begins with Scott D’Amore standing over the unconscious body of John E. Bravo. A doctor approaches and asks if he is Bravo’s father. D’Amore tells the doctor that he does have power of attorney and tells the doctor to go ahead and pull the plug. The doctor says that Bravo is now stable but when he wakes up that he may not be the same John Emmet Bravo that he was. D’Amore tells Bravo that there will be justice for him tonight.

Our announce team tonight is Josh Matthews and Matt Striker.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarter-Final Match: Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan vs. The Sea Stars

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Result: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz win by pinfall after a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker.

Thoughts: The IMPACT debut for the Sea Stars, also the first time I’ve ever seen them in action. While Striker says the sisters have been competing for four years, much of their movements seem stilted. It could be due to being their first exposure on a big scale and being nervous or just a lack of chemistry with the great Steelz & Hogan. The action does begin to flow better towards the end of the match. After feeding a lot of the match, Hogan & Steelz turn it around and Hogan nails the Fisherman’s Neckbreaker for the pinfall victory.

Backstage we see Jordynne Grace with her mystery partner, the ECW and WWE Legend Jazz! Gia Miller approaches and confirms that Jazz is the mystery partner and Jazz says she wants to end her career on top.

Josh and Matt discuss tonight’s show, confirming that Madison Rayne is a part of tonight’s Wrestler’s Court and will return next week. They run down the card for the rest of tonight’s show.

Ethan Page is backstage with Josh Alexander. Ethan shows Alexander on his phone that Gallows has been injured and will miss 4-6 weeks of action. Ethan is happy, but Josh gets mad at the fact that they now have to wait 4-6 weeks before they can challenge for the titles again. Ethan says we are going to fix this while Josh asks “who is we?”

Time for Wrestler’s Court. Madison Rayne is defending Johnny Swinger as she is the only one who kinda likes the old school carnie. The prosecuting attorney is D’Lo Brown and the Judge is Tommy Dreamer.

Madison immediately objects to Tommy being the Judge as he conducted the investigation and accused Swinger of being the guilty party. He agrees and we get an immediate switch to D’Lo now being the judge (with the old school white wig on) and Tommy is now the prosecutor. He tells D’Lo that he looks like Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince and complains that he doesn’t have the chest protector. Dreamer says Swinger had the motive, the means and the smoking gun in his fanny pack. Madison implies that the crime was strategic and clearly done by a mastermind, which should immediately exonerate her client, leaving Swinger to say “what a burial daddy, leave your shovel at home.”

The first witness is Fallah Bahh, who says that Swinger was bitter that he was chosen as the best man instead. Cody Deaner is up next and says he found the gun in Swinger’s fanny pack. Acey Romero then takes the stand and he did a fingerprint analysis on the gun where he found the fingerprints of Johnny Swinger. But also Cody Deaner, Larry D, Tommy Dreamer, Brian Pillman, Greg Valentine and Ron Simmons which leads to D’Lo dropping a “DAMN!” Swinger asks to approach the bizzench where he gives D’Lo a six pack of beer.

Defeat Rohit Challenge – Suicide vs. Rohit Raju

Result: Suicide wins via pinfall with a roll-up.

Thoughts: Rohit immediately calls the title off for the match, clearly indicating that he knows that it is more than likely TJP under the mask. The match goes to break and upon returning we see Rohit trying to remove the mask while Matthews and Striker both imply it could be TJP under the mask. Rohit finally removes the mask and TJP’s music hits as he walks to the stage to watch. It turns out it was Crazzy Steve under the mask and he rolls Rohit up for the pinfall.

Sami Callihan is backstage getting Ken Shamrock amped up for the match when they are approached by Moose. Moose says that they are challenging for the second most important title in IMPACT next to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Moose tells Ken he has a lot of respect for him but to remember what happened the last time they faced off when Moose beat him, setting Shamrock off and Sami has to contain him.

Kaleb (with a K!) is backstage with Tenille Dashwood trying to figure out what glasses look better on her. Alisha approaches to ask for another chance and while they try to give her the hint, Alisha is clueless and thinks they are all good.

Knockouts Singles Match – Kimber Lee (with Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Killer Kelly (with Renee Michelle)

Result: Kimber Lee wins via pinfall after a Swanton Bomb.

Thoughts: Both Kimber and Deonna look apprehensive due to the message left by Su Yung last week. A lot of ground-based submissions early in the match before Kelly takes advantage. Big Swanton Bomb from Kimber Lee for the pinfall victory.

Following the match Susie’s music hits and she comes to the stage with a microphone. She tells them they hurt her friends and thats bad. She then tells them her friend is here and things are gonna get real bad. Su Yung comes to the ring and attacks but Lee and Purrazzo escape before she can lock in the mandible claw.

Gia Miller is backstage with the Motor City Machine Guns. Alex Shelley says that he is back and good to go. Sabin says they are gonna go after XXXL first, then after The North for the attack at Bound For Glory and finally after the Good Brothers for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships.

Willie Mack is joined by Rich Swann backstage who apologizes about what happened with Moose last week. Willie says the referee should not have called the match like he did. Chris Bey comes in and asks Willie to leave so he can chat with Rich alone. Rich tells him Willie is his boy and Bey isn’t cool with him. Bey says he wants to make some money and have a title match with Swann. Tempers flare and Bey departs.

Singles Match – Ethan Page (with Josh Alexander) vs. AJ Swoggle

Result: AJ Swoggle wins by pinfall with a roll-up.

Thoughts: Karl Anderson brings out Swoggle dressed as AJ Styles to Styles’ old TNA music. Swoggle gets a few moves in before taking a boot to the face. Page has the pin but lifts Swoggle’s shoulder. He goes for a Styles Clash but Swoggle bites him on the leg. Alexander and Anderson get into it on the outside leading to a distraction and Swoggle rolls Page up for the pinfall.

Back to Wrestler’s Court where Johnny Swinger is on the stand. Swinger calls himself the “OJ Simpson of professional wrestling” and admits he hasn’t read a newspaper since 1991. Tommy calls Father James Mitchell and asks if he has any particular expertise that could relate to the case. He proclaims that virgin blood is highly sought after by certain people leading to Rosemary being called to the stand. Rosemary admits that she never loved Bravo and only wanted his virgin blood. Bravo appears at the back of the room and while he is angry at the whole situation he knows it wasn’t Rosemary who shot him. Larry D is then shown hooked up to the lie detector. He says he didn’t shoot Bravo, but Dreamer sprays him with the horrible cologne from Wrestler’s House which turns him into Lawrence D once again, who confesses to being the shooter. This of course leads to D’Lo laying out the verdict of Not Guilty for Johnny Swinger.

Singles Match – Fallah Bahh vs. Daivari

Result: No Contest following interference from Eric Young and Joe Doering.

Thoughts: Both men trade hands and Fallah hits a big crossbody before Eric Young & Joe Doering attack. Doering lays out Bahh with a two handed chokeslam and Young nails a piledriver on Daivari. Young gets on the mic and begins a promo before being interrupted by Rhino. He lands a few hits before both men overpower him and lay him out. Young again gets on the mic and reminds everyone that this world belongs to them.

Swoggle and Crazzy Steve are backstage talking when TJP comes up and thanks Steve for what he did tonight. Brian Myers walks in and buries everyone before walking off.

We see Father James Mitchell approached by Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee looking for help with turning their Su Yung into more of a Susie problem. He advises them that he can help them, for a price.

Josh and Matt run down the card for next week’s show including XXXL against the Motor City Machine Guns, Rohit Raju defending the X-Division Championship against Crazzy Steve, the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament continues with Killer Kelly & Renee Michelle against Jordynne Grace & Jazz and Willie Mack faces Chris Bey.

IMPACT World Championship Match – Ken Shamrock (with Sami Callihan) vs. Rich Swann (C)

Result: Rich Swann wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: Swann bouncing around the ring avoiding Shamrock until he bounces off the ropes and Callihan hooks the leg putting him down for Shamrock to take advantage. The referee sees it and ejects Callihan early, leaving Shamrock on his own. Rich takes an early advantage until Shamrock catches him going for the cutter and smashes him repeatedly into the turnbuckle. A very slow paced match with Shamrock staying in control for much of the match while just locking in the occasional hold or strike. Swann starts to rebound but is stopped by a Shamrock kick to the gut. I don’t know if Ken is hurt but I don’t believe he has taken a single bump roughly 10 minutes into the match. Swann hits a few kicks to the face before Shamrock finally goes off his feet. Swann hits a big frogsplash but unable to get the three. Shamrock goes for a Kirifuda Clutch but Swann reverses it into a pinfall.

Following the match Shamrock attacks the referee and Callihan returns to the ring. Callihan nails a package piledriver on Swann and brings out a baseball bat. Before he can use the bat Eddie Edwards hits the ring to prevent Swann from suffering the same fate as he did. Shamrock and Callihan get Edwards n the corner and tape his arm to the ropes, Sami smashes Eddie in the face with the bat and he is bleeding a gusher. Security and D’Lo Brown hit the ring and Shamrock blasts D’Lo in the face and beats him down in the ring while Scott D’Amore tries to get some control as the show goes off the air.

A very storyline heavy episode of IMPACT which finishes up some storylines while building others, but the in-ring action was very lacking this week, so no pick of the week.


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