IMPACT Wrestling Results – 08-11-2020 – Jordynne Grace vs. Kimber Lee

What will transpire on IMPACT! this week following Rich Swann’s surprising retirement announcement and the assault by the world-class maniac Eric Young? Willie Mack seeks redemption for his best friend when he goes one-on-one with Eric Young. IMPACT World Champion Eddie Edwards will put his title on the line in another open challenge. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz take on Havok and Nevaeh in a no disqualification Knockouts tag team match. Jordynne Grace battles Kimber Lee. We’ll hear from The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, ahead of their showdown with Ace Austin & Madman Fulton next week at EMERGENCE. TNA original Suicide squares off against Dez of The Rascalz. Madison Rayne hosts a new edition of Locker Room Talk with Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes. Plus the unpredictable reality show WRESTLE HOUSE continues, featuring Tommy Dreamer, Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, Susie, Kylie Rae, Alisha, XXXL, the Deaners, Johnny Swinger and Crazzy Steve.

The show begins with an emotional video package highlighting Rich Swann’s emotional retirement from last week with the roster coming out to support him, and the violent attack by Eric Young that ruined it.

We go backstage where Willie Mack and Eric Young are beating the hell out of each other, as they have a scheduled match tonight. They make their way into the arena and around the ring. After finally being separated Willie Mack gets on the mic and calls for the match to begin right away. Young tries to leave the arena declaring they will do it on his time, but Mack chases him up the ramp and gets him back into the ring. After several minutes the bell rings bringing us our first official match of the evening.

Willie Mack vs. Eric Young

Result: Eric Young wins by pinfall following a Piledriver.

Thoughts: A grudge match of sorts as Mack tries to get revenge on Young for his friend Rich Swann. Once the match officially begins things slow down a bit but the aggression stays high throughout the match. Following some back and forth Mack takes control and has the match won but goes outside to get a chair to stomp on from the top rope. Young recovers and hits the Piledriver for the win.

Backstage we see The Good Brothers looking for Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, who they will face in tag team action next week at Emergence.
Following the break we head back to WrestleHouse for more shenanigans. Taya and John E. Bravo gather everyone in the house together to announce that they will be watching Taya’s Greatest Hits. Following a joke by Kylie Rae about Electoral Fraud, we find out Susie and Cousin Jake are missing, while Alisha and Cody cover for them. Crazzy Steve approaches Rosemary and they discuss how their bond has never ‘Decay’ed. He asks her about being troubled by jealousy as she watches Bravo give Taya a shoulder massage. We cut away to Jake and Susie getting ready for their date.
Backstage Reno Scum jumps Rhino for his wad of cash on behalf of Hernandez.

Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace

Result: Jordynne Grace wins by submission with a rear naked choke.

Thoughts: Matthews and Rayne announce before the match that Kimber Lee has officially signed with IMPACT and is now a Knockout. Lee of course took this match to try and take out Grace ahead of her rematch for the Knockouts Championship to improve her chances of a shot at Purrazzo. Kimber Lee controls much of the match before Grace uses her power to regain control. A series of repeated one-counts leads to a near fall for Kimber Lee with a bridged German suplex. Kimber Lee goes up top for a swanton but Grace meets her up top. She gets thrown back to the mat but gets her knees up and locks in a rear naked choke.

Madison Rayne welcomes us back to Locker Room Talk and announces the first sponsor and throws it to a commercial of #Hearth4IMPACT, trying to get people to get the hashtag trending. Rayne then welcomes Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes to Locker Room Talk. They discuss being able to show off Katie’s body and start making out. Madison leaves and tells them to keep the couch. Rob and Katie decide it is now their talk show and start interviewing each other. The screen starts glitching and Sami Callihan is now in the chair and attacks RVD. Katie and RVD get the upper hand and beat down Sami.

The Rascalz are backstage with Trey wearing a Suicide mask. Moose runs into them and gives ‘Suicide’ an invitation to challenge him for the TNA Championship next week on Emergence. Trey removes the mask after but keeps the invite.

Back to WrestleHouse where Steve reminds Rosemary that jealousy is a potent poison. We then get clips of the date between Susie and Jake while XXXL implodes and Dreamer announces a match between Acey Romero and Larry D since Larry was hypnotized by Rosemary and more interested in her than food.

Acey Romero vs. Larry D (Special Referee Cody Deaner)

Result: Larry D wins by pinfall with a knockout blow.

Thoughts: Another quick match which ends only a minute or two in. Larry announces after the match that he did it for Rosemary.
We get a backstage promo from IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo challenging Jordynne Grace to a 30 Minute Iron Man match at Emergence.

A video package highlighting the feud between The North and the Motor City Machine Guns and the big rematch next week at Emergence.

No Disqualification Tag Match: Nevaeh & Havok vs. Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan

Result: Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan win by pinfall following a Fisherman’s neckbreaker pin combo.

Thoughts: Steelz and Hogan hide off the side of the stage and attack Havok and Nevaeh as they make their entrance before Steelz and Havok start the action in the ring. A lot of double teaming in the ring by Steelz and Hogan on Nevaeh after taking Havok out of action outside the ring. Havok sets up a table outside of the ring as all four knockouts battle inside the ring. Havok gets kicked off the apron by Hogan and goes through the table, then Hogan catches Nevaeh in a Fisherman’s neckbreaker combo pin for the win. A so-so match with four great competitors that seemed a little disjointed at best.

The Good Brothers approach Scott D’Amore asking where Fulton and Ace Austin are. He tells them they aren’t even here and they say they are going to the ring and not leaving until they get what they want. He puts the headset on and says he’s getting real “Nash & Hall vibes” from them.

Moose is walking backstage when an EC3 promo starts projecting on the wall. EC3 tells him he is here for him and to destroy what he has become synonymous with.

Suicide vs. Dez

Result: No Contest due to The Good Brothers interfering.

Thoughts: First and foremost, I’m still baffled by the existence of a character created for a video game some 13 years ago, but I guess it’s a good way to establish some young talent under the hood. About a minute in, The Good Brothers make their entrance and take over, hitting Suicide with the Magic Killer.

The Good Brothers call Ace Austin and Madman Fulton to the ring. Austin and Fulton appear on the screen and let them know they aren’t in the arena, and discuss the match for next week on Emergence Night One.

The IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment Of The Week is from IMPACT on 10/2/2016 where Cody battled Eddie Edwards for the IMPACT World Championship. Eddie would win locking in a pin after a superplex.

Rohit Raju approaches Chris Bey backstage to discuss TJP pinning Bey last week and talks Bey into turning the X Division Title match into a Triple Threat with him in the match. Bey balks but then accepts the offer.

Another Brian Myers vignette plays and he speaks saying he is the most Professional Wrestler.

Back to WrestleHouse and Jake is standing alone. Susie re-enters the room after again having the runs. He mentions her being an Undead Bride and she scares him away. Alisha asks her where she went wrong, and Susie says maybe she gave her bad advice, leading to a match.

Susie vs. Alisha (Special Referee Crazzy Steve)

Result: Susie wins by pinfall with a roll-up.

Thoughts: A lot of trash talking and goofiness before the two actually start wrestling. Susie wins with a roll up.

Following the match Taya tells everyone to come back inside and watch more of her matches. Kylie interrupts and says everyone is tired and wants to go to bed. Susie points out that Kylie has beaten Taya and Kylie challenges Taya to a match. Taya walks away but we will get the match next week from WrestleHouse.
Before the match Eddie Edwards gets on the mic and calls out Eric Young, but is instead greeted by the debuting Brian Myers, who accepts the open challenge.

IMPACT World Championship Match – Eddie Edwards (C) vs. Brian Myers

Result: Eddie Edwards wins via pinfall following the Boston Knee Party

Thoughts: A rather back and forth pedestrian match which would kick into second gear for short bursts then return to normalcy. Myers got some highlights on his work, but it never seemed feasible that he would win, even with Edwards selling a hurt knee following a suicide dive to the outside. A fine enough main event, but it was clear everyone was playing it safe ahead of the big two week Emergence event.
Emergence Night One is next week with Taya facing Kylie Rae at WrestleHouse, Moose defending his TNA Championship against Trey Miguel, Chris Bey defending his X Division Title in a Triple Threat against TJP and Rohit Raju, The Good Brothers face Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, and the highly anticipated rematch for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship as the Motor City Machine Guns defend against the former champions, The North.

Two weeks from now will see Night Two of Emergence, with Deonna Purrazzo defending her Knockouts Championship against Jordynne Grace in a 30 Minute Iron Man match, and Eddie Edwards will defend his IMPACT World Championship.


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