Ali Omar to make his debut vs Cain Lugar in his debut. Lugar went 8-2 (MMA) before he turned pro. Omar has been tryin to make his Pro MMA debut since September of 2018, but opponent difficulties have delayed that desire, repeatedly ever since. Now, the Taekwondo Black Belt since age 12, gets his chance to shine on the big stage at LFA 60 in his home state, where he dominated the scene as a amateur mixed martial artist, and kickboxer. Vacating all his belts on a 6 fight win streak, winning 8 of his last 9, Omar informed FightBook MMA that he aims to restock his belt collection with pro belts, and adds the Pro road to new titles will be obtained through highlight reel performances, which he guaranteed us, for LFA 60.

The Black Belt made his Pro Muay Thai debut October 27th in Texas, which he won by unanimous decision.

The Silent Assassin spoke with Fightbook MMA and was not shy about expressing his hunger for success in the Pro divisions. A Taekwondo student and Black Belt before his MMA days, so was one of his older sisters, who went on to make Team USA and eventually competed at the US Open in Vegas.

“She’s a 2nd or 3rd degree Black Belt I believe. Last I knew she was at 2nd degree level” stated Omar.

Ali Omar spoke with FightBook MMA on Monday, when he explained he had moved from Iowa to New Mexico to train at Jackson/Wink MMA, which turned into training at Jacksons, 10th Planet jiu jitsu (Albuquerque), and Elevation Boxing Club in Edgewood. His home Gym in N.M. is Jackson/Wink where he spends most of his time, training mostly with Coaches Alex Xavier (striking), Harry St. Ledger (wrestling), and Nate Harris (jiu jitsu) and considers His Dad’s gym, Strike Martial Arts his home gym in Iowa, when he returns occasionally. The Black Belt also, made his Pro Muay Thai debut October 27th in Texas, which he won by unanimous decision.

When FightBook MMA asked Omar about his opponent he replied:

“He’s a tough kid, well-rounded in all areas….but I’m better. I used to train with him at Hard Drive MMA, But I’m gonna knock him out or submit him. Be ready for a good fight.”

“I’ve been meeting some good people that’ve been helping me out. I will be competing from now on at 145/155 only (vs 165,170 previously). Keep our eyes out, all 145/155’ers because I’m coming.”

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Omar states “I had some trouble finding a Pro MMA fight. It took since September till
now to get a fight.”

Omar works at Starbucks, Netflix, and UFC Gym as a coach. He recently got a new gig working for Netflix as a background actor, stating they were paying him to as “extra” as he put it, in their projects.

“I looking to get into some stunts and acting” Omar said.

FBMMA: What do you like to do in your free time:

“I like to read, spend time with my dog. She’s trained and certified. I love hiking and just enjoying the weather in N.M. It’s gonna be like 58 there tomorrow. Coldest it gets there is like 30 in the day time.”

Omar is 21 yrs old, is from the home of the Hawkeyes, Iowa City, Iowa, and attended Iowa City High School. This event will be held at the 7 Flags Event Center 2100 NW 100th St, in Clive, Iowa. Doors will open at 6 30 pm, with fights beginning at 7. Main Card at 9. Omar’s fight will not be televised as only the main card will be, so to witness Ali fight you will have to come to the event. Ali promised his next fight, after will be televised. You can buy tickets from Ali, or from, in advance under Omar’s name at (or at the door just, not under his name). The Main will be televised on AXSTV live at 9pm.

OMAR: “Keep your eyes out because I’m about to be the future Pro Champ, and World Champ.”

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FAST FACT: Ali Omar fought 14xs his final year, before turning professional combined Kbox/MMA)

FightBookMMA: Give us a fight prediction

“2nd round TKO. I promise you a highlight finish!”

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