“It’s Time To Show What I’m Capable Of!” | 5 Questions with NEW CES flyweight champ Blaine Shutt

Blaine Shutt recently became the first-ever CES flyweight champ when he upset local favorite Johnny Lopez at CES 60 on UFC Fight Pass. Now that the dust has settled, the champ sat down with FightBook MMA.

What all went in to your CES title victory?

Just a lot of hard work and the time to pull the fucking trigger.

Did you jump at the opportunity to take this fight?

Right away I wanted the fight. CES is an extremely well-known promotion that fans hold in a really high regard. I would’ve jumped at this opportunity, even if it wasn’t for the belt.

What does that belt mean to you?

At first it was really just another fight that I really wanted to win. But the fact that it was the title, and it was the first CES flyweight title fight in history, after it all sunk in, it’s pretty cool. The belt means a lot. It’s a great stepping stone for all the backtracking and unfortunate things that have happened in my career. It was a great feeling, especially beating a top guy in the country.

When would you like to defend your title?

The plan is April.

Where would you like to be one year from today?

Shit, I’m hoping Dana tunes into this fight and I get a UFC contract! It’s one thing to win the belt; now my job is to defend it, put on a show, and show everybody what I’m really capable of.

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