Jaime Vasquez: “This fight will have to end before the end of the third round”

MMA Vet Jonathan Ivey is back at it again as he will be hosting Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 7. This event is taking place on October 12th in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We will see a stacked card including 4 CFC title fights.

FightBook MMA had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Jaime Vasquez. He’s one of the fighters fighting for a title and is undefeated inside the CFC organization. He is the former CFC featherweight champion. While he was the featherweight champion he made the decision to vacate the title to move up to the lightweight division permanently. Vasquez is currently the CFC #1 ranked lightweight contender. And he is fighting for the vacant CFC lightweight title on October 12th at CFC 7 against the current CFC featherweight champion Alexander Schenk. Check out the conversation we had with Jaime below.

Jaime your last fight in the CFC was against big talker Tommy Scrivner, you easily won a unanimous decision over Scrivner. On October 12th at CFC 7 your fighting Alexander Schenk, who appears to also be a big talker. Do you see you have the same type of success against Schenk as you did Scrivner?

Tommy, he was not the opponent that I expected and I could’ve beat him in the first round but I always liked to give my best and entertain the public that’s why I decided to make this a long fight. On October 12th I will be fighting a good opponent an I’m preparing myself to make this a good fight. I think that my preparation is very important for me so that way I can shut Alexander’s mouth.

Alexander Schenk is the current CFC featherweight champion. A title you use to hold and never lost. What do you see as Schenk’s strengths and weaknesses in the cage?

Alexander has shown that he has a lot of skills and I think it’s very important for me to defend the belt. But I don’t care that he’s looking for me, I’m an experienced fighter and that’s what I’m gong to show that night. I think the fans are going to see me finish this exciting fight.

Alexander Schenk has never lost in the sport of MMA. Do you think that says something about his skill level or just the quality of the opponents he has faced?

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It depends, I think that the only thing he has is that he’s hungry and that helps him a lot but it does not guarantee him to be undefeated at any moment he will fall. I like that he feels confident, but I have game as well.

October 12th in Murfreesboro Tennessee at CFC 7 you and Schenk are going to enter the cage to fight for the Lightweight championship. Tell us why you will be giving Schenk his first loss and why you’ll be leaving the CFC lightweight champion?

It’s a challenge for me, I have always fought at 145 pounds and now, I will be fighting at 155 and I want to face guys with many skills. This fight will have to end before the end of the third round.

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you again. Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to Jaime?

I want to thank the public that supports me, my coaches, family, friends thanks to all.


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