Karate Combat Week 6 Fight Card set for Sunday

Karate Combat has a great card this Sunday night with some experienced winners and a talented newcomer, a tons of full-contact entertainment. The main event pits Azerbaijan’s star Shahin Atamov (a close friend of our fighter Rafael Aghayev) against Franklin Mina “The Bullet” of Ecuador.  Watch Sunday at 7 p.m. ET at Karate Combat YouTube.

Main Event:
Shahin “The Lion” Atamov (1-0) of Azerbaijan vs. Franklin “The Bullet” Mina (1-1) of Ecuador

Dionicio “El Capitan” Gustavo (2-2) of Dominican Republic vs. Reda “The Cobra” Messaoudi (3-1) of Morocco

Gilmarcos de Bastos Jr. of (0-0) of Brazil vs. András “The Titan” Virág (1-1) of Hungary

Here’s on the Main Event: “Both Atamov and Mina are coming off of big wins. Mina beat Calum in a tough match this season and now fights Atamov who is smaller but is going to be a very difficult opponent for him. Atamov’s last win was a huge K.O. against Jorge Perez at Karate Combat Evolution.” Watch that K.O. here:

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“Who ever wins this one has the chance to move up the ladder!”

About the Co-Main, Adam says, “This is a great match up in the 75kg division. Both have lost to Josh “The Preacher” Quayhagen recently–No shame in that he’s our Golden Belt champion!– Dionicio is a tough guy with an iron chin, almost impossible to knockout. Reda has excellent, elegant technique and we should see some amazing kicks from him. They’re both experienced with Karate Combat, each with 4 fights, and they know how to use the pit to their advantage—we’ll also see what they learned from fighting Quayhagen!”

And the opener: “Gilmartin took this fight on very short notice–a couple of fighters went down (one with COVID) and so he stepped up. It’s his first fight with us so it shows who is that he was willing to accept it. And he’s taking on a guy with a ton of experience, Virág has 3 fights with Karate Combat and comes off a big win over Adam Sabry at Karate Combat One World in New York. Virág is a hard hitter and has the heart of a champion and a lion. He was losing in New York and didn’t give up, he finally made a great comeback in that fight.”

Also this week we’ll visit Virág training in a historic castle outside of Budapest, Messaoudi training on the edge of the desert in Agadir, Morocco, and Gustavo training for his day job with the Navy where he is sometimes called to protect the President and other VIPs as part of a super secret security detail.


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