Lineup set following weigh-in for Lion Fight 42

A pair of World title and two North American titles are on the line following the completion of the official weigh-in for Lion Fight 42.

The weigh-in took place on Friday afternoon with the fights set for Saturday, April 21 at the Fox Theater inside Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. The six-bout main card will livestream worldwide on FloCombat beginning at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT USA.

Weigh-in results for Lion Fight 42

Main Card

Lion Fight Women’s World Lightweight Title (135 lbs.)

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(c) Antonina “La Pantera” Shevchenko (40-1; Lima, Peru) – 134 lbs.

Claire “The Vegan” Baxter (19-14; Melbourne, Australia) – 134 lbs.

Lion Fight North American Middleweight Title (160 lbs.)

Eddie “Silky Smooth” Abasolo (9-1; Vallejo, California) – 159 lbs.

Amadeu Cristiano (55-16; Boston, Massachusetts) – 159 lbs.

MTGP World Super Lightweight Title (140 +1 lbs.)

(c) Carlton “The Baby-Faced Assassin” Lieu (7-3; London, England) – 140 lbs.

Jafar “The Cookie Monster” Toshev (2-0; Brooklyn, New York) – 141 lbs.

Lion Fight North American Super Cruiserweight Title (205 +1 lbs.)

Steve “Put Em To Sleep” Walker (3-0; Boston, Massachusetts) – 204 lbs.

Olivier Fairtex (7-3; Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – 204 lbs.

Super Featherweight (130 +1 lbs.)

Nick Haines (10-4; Brooklyn, New York) – 128 lbs.

Amine “The Moroccan Boy” Ballafrikh (9-3; Stirling, Virginia) – 131 lbs. (second attempt; 132 on first)

Lightweight (133 +1 lbs.)

Tyger Banks (4-1; Cincinnati, Ohio) – 132 lbs.

Mike “Iron Boy” Triana (3-0; Worcester, Massachusetts) – 134 lbs.

Pro Prelims

Featherweight (125 +1 lbs.)

Ricardo Mixco (Pro Debut; Silver Springs, Maryland) – 125 lbs.

Evan “Boy Wonder” Jays (2-1; London, England) – 126 lbs.

Super Welterweight (147 +1 lbs.)

Shawn “The Machete” Ellis (Pro Debut; Brooklyn, New York) – 147 lbs.

Julian “Mr. Methodical” Nguyen (1-0; Worcester, Massachusetts) – 148 lbs.

Super Lightweight (136 +1 lbs.)

Dwayne Holman (Pro Debut; Lodi, New Jersey) – 136 lbs.

Soap Am (1-1; Cambridge, Massachusetts) – 136 lbs.

Amateur Prelims

Middleweight (160 +1 lbs.)

Hector Acosta (Boston, Massachusetts) – 161 lbs.** (second attempt; 163 on first)

Miguel Cadiz (Worcester, Massachusetts) – 159 lbs.

Middleweight (155 +1 lbs.)

David Agbodji (Brooklyn, New York) – 155 lbs.

Shaun Shubert (Holbrook, Massachusetts) – 154 lbs.

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