Marquis Brewster talks CES 49: “I’m trying to plank this kid!”

Lincoln, R.I. (Mon, March 26, 2018)–  Before Marquis Brewster tries to improve to 5-0 at CES 49 on April 6 in Lincoln, R.I., the top Rhode Island prospect spoke with FightBookMMA.

How would you like to kick off 2018 in the CES cage?

Oh man, I’m trying to plank this kid! There’s really nothing else to say — I need a KO with this one, I need to put him to sleep. This will put me at 5-0, and this is a stacked division, so I’m going to make a statement with this win.

Who are your main training partners these days?

Nate Andrews has been my crutch for this camp — we’re training together almost every day. All the regulars at Tri-Force — John Douma, Dan Cormier, just to name a couple — plus we’ve got a ton of young talent coming up the ranks now. The stable is stacked up all the time at Tri-Force — you know how that is (laughs).

How excited are you to watch Nate Andrews fight for the CES lightweight belt?

Oh man, I’m pumped. I’m just trying to get a W here so I can show him that all the sacrifices we’ve made and hardships we’ve endured for this camp have been for a reason. We’re putting in a lot of work. It’s all worth it when the lights are on, but it sucks leading up to it. It’s a circus, but it’s all worth it when your hand is raised, which is my goal. I’m so pumped for Nate Andrews — he deserves this. I can’t wait for him to get out and show the world what he’s about.

How is 5-0 going to feel?

Five is one of my favorite numbers, man (laughs). It’s going to feel amazing. This is what I’ve dreamed about my whole life, and I spoke it into existence. This will happen. Tri-Force, Serious Boxing, New England Combat — still here, still doing it.

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