MLW Fusion ALPHA #6 Recap and Results

Wednesday night Fusion is back for MLW, and they have an exciting card for us wrestling fans to sink our teeth into. Our opening scene is of matchmaker Cesar Duran sitting in front of the International Open Weight Championship which was recently given up by Alex Hammerstone, when Cesar comes up with the idea to have a match on Fusion Thanksgiving night to find the belt a new home. Just as the camera was panning away from Cesar, the door opens up and King Muertes arrives demanding what Cesar owes him for a favor King Muertes had done for Cesar. Cesar reminds King that there will need to be a sacrifice, and Cesar hands him a box was a face on the front of it. When King opens the box, a golden light shines on his face, illuminating his lifeless eyes and the show is about ready to being. Who would King Muertes need to sacrifice, and what exactly was inside that box?

Bobby Fish vs Lee Moriarty 2021 Opera Cup Opening Round

In the opening round of the Opera Cup, one of the biggest signings in MLW to date promises not only action packed matches, but Bobby Fish promises there will be kicks! Fish off his recent release from NXT is not only signed by MLW but also AEW. As Fish walks to the ring, the arena erupts in excitement, which is pretty insane due to the fact that Moriarty is a Pennsylvania native coming out in the Pittsburgh Pirates colors on his ring gear. The two men lock up and begin showing off their impressive chain wrestling and counter moves. It wasn’t long before Bobby Fish was able to show off his TAIGASTYLE moves to excite the Philly crowd. Moriarty was fighting back with high flying attacks off the ropes and the two men ended up on the edge of the apron. It looked as though Moriarty was getting the better of Fish knocking him out of the ring, but Fish countered with an incredible kick to both of Moriarty’s legs and had his face bounce off the matt on to the outside. While on the outside the crafty veteran in Fish was taking control on the outside, and throws Moriarty into the ring to try put the finishing touches on a good match. The match looked like Fish would be able to close it out, but Moriarty began battling back and hit Fish with an impressive slam but only got a two count, Bobby Fish jumps on to Moriarty’s back with the sleeper hold, just to have it broken up. Bobby Fish finds a way to hit a hail mary suplex, and launches Moriarty into the ropes leaving both men on the mat. Exhausted and fighting on blind instinct, both men keep trying their best moves on each other to try and end the match, but neither combatant is willing to give in. Moriarty goes for a German Suplex, but Bobby Fish drops down and hits a heel hook to get the submission victory

Winner: Bobby Fish by submission

Our next scene takes us to the back where Calvin Tankman is getting ready to walk out for his match, when he is being questioned by a cameraman about what his decision will be with joining King Mo and Alex Kane at ATT. In the middle of his promo, King Mo and Alex Kane interrupted Tankman and attacked him leaving him hurt on the ground and MLW officials looking for medical attention forcing MLW to switch their format and cut to a promo by Los Parks. 

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Dr Dax w/ Holidead vs Mads Krugger

Not much to discuss with this match as Mads Krugger came in on a mission to finish this match as brutal and as quickly as possible. At the start of the bell, Krugger hits a couple big boots to Dax in the corner, and then Krugger finishes it off with a full nelson slam, as Dax rolls to the outside, Holidead starts beating on Dax for his embarrassing loss in just under 2 minutes. Krugger gets the microphone and begins to cut a promo on the Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone, and then Budd Heavy’s music hits and the Philly crowd goes wild. Heavy runs down to the ring with a chair to attack Krugger. Budd hits Krugger in the gut with the chair, and that was about the only shot he got off, because Krugger just decimates Budd, and gets a pin victory.

Winner: Mads Krugger by Pinfall

5150 has a vignette promo playing right after the match, wanting the big fight with Los Parks for the Tag Team Championship, or else 5150 will keep reigning terror on everyone in the back. After we get back from break, an incredible announcement is being made that The Certified G and a Bonafide Stud Enzo Amore has signed on to be part of MLW. Bada Boom, the realist guy in the room is now an MLW athlete.

TJP vs Alex Shelley 2021 Opera Cup Opening Round

Tonight’s main event is part of the Opera Cup Opening Round, with TJP against Alex Shelley. With a Ric Flair strut, Shelley came in almost more cocky than his opponent TJP. Both men lock up, but keep reversing each other into shoulder locks and midsection stretches. Shelly keeps rolling around into different positions to control the arm and wrist of TJP. With some acrobatic moves of his own, TJP ends up on top of Shelley and go after Shelley’s neck, transitioning to Shelley’s shoulder. Both combatants are fighting in the corner, and Shelley is able to get it into the center of the ring, and continue to work on the arm of TJP, but TJP is extremely elusive and draws Shelley to chase him by the ropes and Shelley falls to the outside to then get hit with a high flying cross body from TJP on the outside. TJP sends Shelley back into the ring to continue his offense and pepper Shelley with knees to the spine, and more shoulder lock submissions. Shelley begins to mount his comeback only to be twisted around by TJP and end up on his back. Each time Shelley, is able to get up TJP snaps him back to the mount seeming that he is in control of this match. Shelley hits TJP with shots to the body and to the head only to be rolled up into a Sharpshooter which TJP then transitioned into the moodalock. Shelley being stretched in the center of the ring finds a way out, but TJP just stays on the attack now going after Shelley’s knee. TJ takes goes to the outside apron for a flip but Shelley gets out of the way and smashes TJ into the turnbuckle and possibly get back in to the match. Shelley hits TJ with a running knee into the corner and then with a spike DDT, Shelley jumps up to the top turnbuckle and hits a huge frog splash but was only able to get a two count. Alex Shelley keeps getting pumped up from the Philly crowd, but TJP hits a low drop kick right into the knee that TJ had been working on during this match. Both men battered and bruised from this high octane match up are using each other to get up and strike in the center of the ring. With a few well placed elbows to TJ’s jaw and then a super kick, TJP goes down to a knee looking like this match up might be over, Shelley attempts his signature Sliced Bread move again, but TJ counters and puts Shelley into the bottom turnbuckle. TJ connects with a running knee to the face, and then heads up for a frog splash only to miss and Shelley attempts the Border City Stretch, but TJP hits a cross arm breaker and into another figure four deathlock. The STF gets countered by a school boy, and Shelley the City Lock gets put on in the center of the ring only to get rolled up and pinned for the three count. TJP moves on to the next round of the Opera Cup

Winner: TJP by Pinfall


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