Sean Strickland comments on his homicidal thoughts and urges: ‘I f*cking enjoy it, I f*cking like it’

Sean Strickland
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UFC middleweight contender, Sean Strickland has explained how he frequently has urges and thoughts to commit homicide throughout his life, but has never carried out the act as he claims he is continuing to control his impulses. 

Strickland, who last competed professionally back in July where he took home a unanimous decision victory over Uriah Hall, made comments following the fight that he had experienced fantasies of killing an opponent during a professional fight, which resulted in major backlash and criticism from the onlooking mixed martial arts community.

During a lengthy interview with reporter, Ariel Helwani this evening, Strickland openly spoke about his homicidal thoughts and impulses, explaining that he has yet to act on them despite experiencing urges. 

I wanted to my entire life (commit homicide), that’s a big reason why I didn’t have a social life,” Strickland said on The MMA Hour. “Like when I went out and got arrested, I just wanted to. There was just something in me that knew that if I could just kill a human being, it would make me feel good for a short time. It’s one of those things where, like, more people think like that and I’m just the one that says it.

The North Carolina native revealed that he has and continues to fantasize about killing another human, and claimed that training and preparing for a fight, as well as competing prevent him from continually fantasizing about committing homicide.

I always say the difference between me and a lot of people, like you can watch Dexter, you can watch The Punisher, you can watch movies and you can think about killing, but I was on the path to where I was gonna act it out,” Strickland said. “I was fantasizing, so I think that’s why my mom took me to train. Once you start fantasizing enough about it, you start putting yourself in situations to act out the fantasy. And training allowed the outlet for the fantasy to stop. I’d just go train, I’d fight, go train, I’d fight, go train, I’d fight. But if it wasn’t for that, I fantasize about it all the time.

Throughout the course of his interview with Helwani, the 30-year-old mentioned on several occasions that he would often put himself in scenarios in order to carry out his fantasy of committing homicide, without actually acting on his impulse.

Strickland then discussed the possibility of finding himself released from the UFC for speaking in such an open fashion about his urges and homicidal thoughts, claiming that he does not believe he can be cut from the organization or face disciplinary action if he does not carry out his impulses — before likening his urges to that of a pedophile who decides against acting on their impulses toward a child. 

In the midst of a five-fight winning run, Strickland recounted an encounter with a passerby whilst changing his tire on the side of the road, and following an interaction between the two, Strickland admitted that he had the impulse to attack and assault the man with a tire iron, in an urge to split the man’s head open during the fantasized attack.

I’m really nice when I meet people,” Strickland said. “If you’ve ever seen me meet somebody, I’m so nice, I’m polite. And I was like changing my tire and this guy walks by me and I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s up? Have a great day,’ And he kind of gave me like a head nod, and as I’m talking to him I’m thinking about taking this f*cking tire iron and f*cking splitting his skull open. And it made me so f*cking mad because here I am, I know what I want and I’m trying to be f*cking nice to you to make up for my thoughts, and you’re a f*cking d*ck. It’s like, man, it makes me wish I could have did (done) it.

Helwani asked Strickland if he is currently engaging in therapy in a bid to deal with his urges and thoughts, to which he confirmed he was not, and further claimed that he liked the thoughts that occupy his mind regarding homicidal impulses. 

You don’t understand me, I like it,” Strickland explained. “I like when I leave the house with the potential thought that maybe I could kill someone, I like it. After I’m done with MMA, I probably will work on rewiring my brain, maybe finding more value in human life. Maybe trying to connect with more people. But right now, I f*cking like it, I f*cking enjoy it, you know? I f*cking like it.” (Transcribed by MMA Fighting)

Strickland was scheduled to feature on the upcoming UFC 268 pay-per-view event on November 6. at Madison Square Garden against former middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold, until the former titleholder suffered a herniated disc, forcing him to withdraw from the matchup. As a result, the pairing has been shelved with Strickland removed from the card entirely. 


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