MLW Fusion: ALPHA Recap and Results

As we are beginning to wind down from 2021, MLW is back with one of the last two Fusion’s of the year. The show opens up with newly crowned Tag Team Champs 5150 entering Match Maker Cesar Duran’s office to talk about their future plans, when Duran let them know they would be facing the Von Erich boys in Dallas for MLW Blood and Thunder. This is the first event in Texas that the Von Erich’s will be wrestling for a title in over 3 decades. Tonight’s action will be more than enough to tide over the blood thirsty fans of MLW until Blood and Thunder. Tonight MLW is giving us these great bouts featuring, Holidead(w Dr Dax) vs Willow Nightingale, LA Park vs Homicide and Live from Japan for the MLW Middleweight Championship  Tajiri vs Atsuki Aoyagi.

Holidead (w Dr. Dax) vs Willow Nightingale 

The tensions between Holidead and Willow Nightingale have been boiling over for the past few weeks, and now both competitors finally get the chance to face off in the Women’s Featherweight Division. Holidead comes out first with her “pet” Dr. Dax on the leash, Holidead looking as scary and possessed as ever finally getting the opportunity to get her hands on Nightingale. Nightingale comes down the ramp as bubbly as ever, but before she gets into the ring she stops and lets the MLW crowd know that she wants someone in her corner like Holidead has with Dr. Dax and just then the Philly crowd begins to go insane because the ECW legend The Blue Meanie makes his way down the ramp to shield Willow’s back during her match. The bell sounds and the two begin to fight, even though Willow is the bigger opponent, Holidead’s strength is prevailing as she easily picks Willow up for suplexs and body slams. Feeling the positive energy from the crown, Nightingale springs into action and begins fighting back now getting the upper hand on her foe, and the action now goes to the outside. Dr. Dax tries getting involved in the match, but it’s The Blue Meanie to he rescue evening the odds. With Holidead and Dr. Dax powdering out of the ring, Willow and the Meanie begin to prematurely celebrate doing the patented Meanie dance on the apron when, Aries climbs to the top turnbuckle and takes out the Philly legend. Holidead snaps into action picking up Nightingale and hitting her finisher getting the win by pin fall. It now appears that after Holidead helped Aries win Cesar Duran’s money a few weeks ago, Aries has now joined up with Dax and Holidead forming the weirdest and scariest faction in Pro Wrestling today.

Winner: Holidead via pin fall

Homicide vs LA Park

Our next bout is one of the grudge matches for the ages with 5150’s Homicide taking on one of the former MLW Tag Team champs LA Park.  During the championship bout, LA Park was hiding under the ring to trick the referee and 5150 being the fresher wrestler after Los Parks were getting bludgeoned with everything but the kitchen sink. Homicide ran down surprising the entire crowd with his return, and stopping LA Park ensuring that 5150 would get the straps. LA Park is first to enter the ring with his signature steel chair in hand and ready for action. Homicide comes down the ramp focused and ready for business, the bell rings and the action begins. With no love lost between these two men, the action starts off hot and heavy with massive slams, and dirty hits against the ropes. LA Park was voted by the MLW fans as the scariest wrestler on the roster and with good reason, not only does he amaze the crowd with acrobatic moves at 302lbs, but he is quick to swing that chair and any and everybody. After a kick to Homicide’s face, LA Park follows him to the outside and begins to work on Homicide with that steel chair to his back. Just like a teacher putting a kid in time out, LA Park sits Homicide in the chair, runs inside the ring and dives on Homicide. Julius Smoke can only watch from the other side of the ring as one of his warriors seems to be losing the grip in the match. LA Park rolls Homicide in for the pin but he kicks out, and hits LA Park with a DDT. Homicide is trying to get his momentum going, but the crafty MLW legend seems to be one step ahead of Homicide. Homicide is doing everything he can to get this victory here tonight, trying some high flying action of his own with LA Park on the outside, but once both men hit the ring, LA Park hits the spear and secures the victory. If 5150 is victorious at Blood and Thunder, you can be sure that Los Parks will be doing anything they can to get their belts back from 5150.

Winner: LA Park via pin fall

Tajiri vs Atsuki Aoyagi MLW Middleweight Championship

We are now taken to Japan for our final match of the evening where All Japan Pro Wrestling and MLW face off for the MLW Middleweight Championship belt. Will the acrobatic youngster Atsuki be able to best the crafty veteran Tajiri? The match begins, and Tajiri is as awkward as ever, but both men tie up and it seems Atsuki seems to be the stronger opponent. Atsuki already holding a victory over Tajiri before he was champ, seems to be coming out very humble and respecting how much of a veteran Tajiri is. Aoyagi seems to have an answer for every hold that Tajiri puts him in, hitting reversals on every attempt for Tajiri to gain some offense. This matchup is very technical on Atsuki’s end, grabbing shoulder lock after shoulder lock trying to wear down the older and seasoned Middleweight champ. Tajiri now able to gain some offense after a reverse neck breaker, continues to work on Atsuki’s neck with holds and another neck breaker. The tide is beginning to turn and the veteran is taking over, Aoyagi keeps trying to gain momentum with elbows, but Tajiri hits a clothesline putting his younger opponent on his back. Tajiri is now wearing down his opponent with neck holds, the crowd in Japan begins to make some noise, and Aoyagi reverses the hold and hits Tajiri with a suplex both men are out on the mat as the ref begins counting. Both men begins sharing strikes in the middle of the ring, but Aoyagi finds another gear hitting cartwheel moves and handsprings forcing Tajiri outside to regain his composure. With Tajiri on the outside Atsuki hits a moonsault off the top rope to the outside igniting the Japanese crowd, and now hits a dropkick off the top rope but can’t get the three count. Tajiri misses with a kick, and Aoyagi his a handspring drop kick but misses another moonsault, Tajiri tries taking control but Aoyagi keeps reversing. This matchup is incredible just back and forth action between both men, but Tajiri hits a pile driver and then ends the match with his patented Buzzsaw Kick to secure the victory and retain his belt.  Aoyagi may have lost this match, but he just gained thousands of American fans, the 22 year old’s future is brighter than the sun and we are all here for it.

Winner Tajiri


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